In general for the involved in CED

People involved in the Center for Education and Development-CED are the main driver of the organization's many activities taking place in the region and the state in general. Our team is composed of highly competent experts from various fields who at any moment can meet the needs of all our customers, taking into global and regional changes and trends in context.

From the beginning the organization had a clear mission and vision that have institutional way to act in society to promote positive change in society through which young people are situated themselves and contribute to their future. What most influenced the success of our projects is undoubtedly the staff of the organization CED. It is very easy to implement successful projects, when they are conducted by qualified people, but also motivated to work with young people. All of its members from the outset as part of people who want to contribute to change, participated in trainings organized the CED and further direct contribute to create projects that will promote their personal values and continue to make them the values of the organization.


Members of CED


Besir   Besir Ramadani

    Mentor for Volunteers / Youth Coordinator

Since 2010, engaged in the NGO sector, initially part of the various activities as student, then volunteer in NGO "student life" (organization from Albania), part of organizing the activity "A Life for Tetova" in co-operation with NGO "Student life ".  After his studies in 2015, he continues his activity as a volunteer at the NGO "Center for education and development" (CED). During 2015, he and his German volunteers will develop some activities in elementary schools in the commune of Tearce. They will also participate in the trainings that will be organized by CED. During 2016/2017 it will be part of the weltwarts program in Halle (Saale) Germany, a project that lasts 12 months. During his stay in Halle(Saale) Germany  he will work as a volunteer at NGO "Friedenskreis" and at the Leben (s) traum.e.V foundation, a foundation that is created by the Parents for Disabled People. Work as a volunteer positively influenced him because during this period he was a participant in more than 7 trainings with different topics: discrimination, human rights, sexism, politics etc.

In 2017 it returns to CED to continue with various activities and projects that are being held in this NGO as well as its new task as a mentor of international volunteers.

Conner  Conner Anderson

   Peace Corps Volunteer

Conner has been working with CED since 2016. He is a Peace Corps volunteer and works with CED in sustainabity development, project planning, and is currently working with CED on their volunteer curriculum. He studied International Relations at Baylor University in Texas and Public Administration in California. In the past, he has worked with schools to increase student engagement and learning, as well as training teachers and volunteers to lead programming of their own. He has also worked as a football coach, a camp counselor, and worked in various fields such as domestic abuse, rape crisis counseling, community gardens, literacy, multiculturalism, and conflict resolution.

One reason that he chose to come to Macedonia was because of the multi-ethnic composition of the country. Before coming to Macedonia, Conner worked with ethnic minorities in American schools, as well as in Chile and Argentina with indigenous peoples.

Luise  Luise Heinig

  Volunteer from Germany

After finishing high school last summer I decided to gain new experiences abroad. That’s why I decided to work in CED as a volunteer sended by the German organization „Friedenskreis Halle e.V.“ Before I came to Macedonia I lived in Leipzig (Germany).

From October 2017 until August 2018 I will support CED where it‘s needed, I‘m most focused on organising projects with children.



Noah Noah Binay

 Volunteer from Germany

Noah Binay is 20 years old and comes from Halle (Germany). In last summer he finished the highschool. After that he decided that he didn´t wanted to study directly. So he applied for a voluntary service in CED Macedonia. His service will go from November 2017 until August 2018. 

He chose CED because he wants to see something new, develop himself and gain lot of experiences. He is highly motivated to support CED with my ideas and skills.




 esengilA Esengil Amiti

  Member of CED

Hi everyone, I'm Esengil from Tearce, I'm study English language in University of Tetova. Member of CED since 2006, a participated in activities such “My Organization” and “Day of Tradition” supported by ECAP project. In the period 2005-2005 I used to participate on different children camp in Macedonia organized by CED.

I also used to be part of working groups within the CEDs project “Creating Strategies for Climate change” financed by USAD. 



Yllza Yllza Eshtrefi


I am Yllza Eshtrefi from Pershefce/Tetovo. Now I’m studying in high school called  “Kiril Pejcinoviq”-Tetovo. I’m part of CED since August. First, I participated on summer camp in Children’s Village Pestalozzi, in Trogen/Switzerland. There we learned lot of things about everything. 6 workshops: Learning Democracy, Migrations, Conflicts, Child Rights, also 1 hour a day about Sex education. Such an amazing experience.

Then I helped on some projects in CED, like Beans Day etc..

Also I was part of training for career counseling, where we learned how to find a job, how to write a CV, to meet new people etc.



KarolinaM Karolina Maksimovska


I'm Karolina Maksimovska from Tearce. I'm studying at the Economic School "September 8th" in Tetovo. I'm part of CED for several years since 2013 when I was in Trogen - Switzerland for Intercultural Learning and after i participated other projects organized by CED such Day of Ecology, Diversity Day and the famous Beans Day.

I started volunteering at CED since September 2017



Radmila Radmila Serafimoska

 Project assistant

Radmila has been working in the field of education for more than 7 years. She has a BA of Arts (English Language and Literature) and MA in Education (Pedagogy) and is a certified teacher of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She works as a teacher in a primary and secondary school in Tetovo, teaching English language and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Radmila is passionate about learning languages: proficient in English, Russian, German, and Spanish and currently learning Turkish. Additionally, she is certified court translator and works in this field as a freelancer. Radmila has been part of many projects as a coordinator, supervisor, and interpreter in regards to employment, self-employment, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, critical and creative thinking, creative teaching and innovation, and migration. She has been part of CED as project assistant and is an aspiring trainer.