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   People involved in the Center for Education and Development-CED are the main driver of the organization's many activities taking place in the region and the state in general. Our team is composed of highly competent experts from various fields who at any moment can meet the needs of all our customers, taking into global and regional changes and trends in context.

From the beginning the organization had a clear mission and vision that have institutional way to act in society to promote positive change in society through which young people are situated themselves and contribute to their future. What most influenced the success of our projects is undoubtedly the staff of the organization CED.

It is very easy to implement successful projects, when they are conducted by qualified people, but also motivated to work with young people. All of its members from the outset as part of people who want to contribute to change, participated in trainings organized the CED and further direct contribute to create projects that will promote their personal values and continue to make them the values of the organization.




More than 10 years’ experience in managerial positions in projects at national and international level, starting from CBC LOJA (2002-2005), Forum SYD, Coordinator and Local Junior Expert in ECAP project (EU project), Master trainer in USAID projects and founder of Center for Education and Development CED.

Participant and leader in various trainings like; management, conflict resolution, mentoring, financial operations, intercultural learning, strategic planning and international cooperation through various intercultural exchanges and conferences organized by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation, Friedenstkreiss Hale, OFAJ, EVS.

More than 5 years as a participant and trainer of the programme for Leadership and Community Youth Work(finished Level A, B and B+) through Centre for non-formal education Triagolnik, Proni and Forum Syd certified by Joncheping University in Sweden. Great experience in identifying, developing and managing projects for the development of culture in rural areas, through non formal education activities and volunteers.

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Head of educational department

Since 2004 active in the NGO sector, initially as a volunteer, then as a coordinator and leader of projects, and in 2010 was responsible for the department of Education in the Center for Education and Development – Tearce. During this time he has been part of many trainings and workshops in personal development, where in 2010 he completed the course in youth work; in 2011 he took part in the training of trainers organized by YES network (USAID) project to develop employability skills of youth, facilitator in creating a strategy for youth in the city of Skopje. Facilitator and preparing the document for local strategy and youth development in the Municipality of Tearce, facilitator in the creating the strategy for climate changes in the municipality of Tearce, and many trainings and projects. As responsible in the department of education in the Center for Education and Development the main duty is to identify the problems and need of young people in the region, to create various programs and trainings and also to participate in their implementations as a facilitator.

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Coordinator for cultural projects and Erasmus+

Bachelor in Business Administration, MBA in Marketing. In CED volonteers since 2008. Visited all trainings at the time, for youth work, volunteering, multiculturalism. After a short time, after a manifestation Beans day in 2010, which is project coordinator, became responsible for the culture sector in CED.

He has worked on various types of projects, environmental, multicultural and institutional development.In many years of experience has worked on projects for the preservation of the environment, creating a strategy for climate change, cultural and rural development in Tearce, intercultural learning in Trogen, Switzerland, as well as projects that are important for institutions and their development. Apart from domestic projects is included in international projects from European program Erasmus +.

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Assistant Coordinator of the Youth Club in Tetovo

I am Fitore Ziberi I finished my studies in psychology. I’m working now with children with special needs at Association of Psychologists in Macedonia, actually in volunteering. I am actively engaged with a lot of activities that include civic sector for more than 4 years. Firstly I was part of association of culture sport and art ARTAL which purpose was to build the art and culture, to improvise youth to be more connected with culture and art. Also I joined a lot of trainings that were hold by non-governmental organizations. Training for job seeking skills, for intercultural dialog between entities, for civil society European integration etc. All of those trainings has helped me gain useful knowledge and at the same time enriched my CV. I have done internship at the American Corner for six month, now I’m volunteering there, exactly I’m the leader of Kids Club and English Club I’m teaching the English language to the children from five till twelve years old. I can conclude that volunteering for aforementioned programs has helped me gain a valuable experience in working with kids. I currently hold the position of assistant coordinator of Info Club at State University of Tetovo.

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Photographer / Cinematographer

Part of Center for Education and Development (CED) since 2006. Has been part of a lot trainings and workshops that were organized by the CED’s side. In 2008 Liridon got promoted as a President of Volunteer body, where he organized the structure of volunteers and their trainings. After one year experience as a president of volunteer body, Liridon moved to the section of youth coordinator, where he started to lead different workshops for youth and kids. Also Liridon took part as a supervisor in the intercultural exchanges that were organized by the Pestalozzi Children’s Village 2012 and 2013. Cultural Triangle project was coordinated by Liridon also an Eco project by MED Skopje 2013. In 2014 in a period of 9 months Liridon graduated in the emPower programme organized by Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation in the topic of: Intercultural communication and human rights. Currently Liridon it's active in Center for Education and Development and mostly working on the PR part, with photography and cinematography, creating also different posters, designs and brochures for different events.

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Coordinator for Erasmus+ and trainer

Is active member of Center for education and development (CED) since 2010. Since then starting as a volunteer he has participated in many trainings and activities which CED organized. But also as a representative of CED in many international trainings and activities.

Three times he had participated in international exchanges in kid’s village Pestalozzi in Trogen, Switzerland. First time as a supervisor, second time as a coordinator of the supervisor’s team and third as a trainer for intercultural communication. Many times he has led volunteers and youth to international exchanges and training’s.

Vladimir had worked as a project manager on several international and domestic projects like: Implementation of the convention for Child Rights, School for active citizenship, Eco project, project for climate changes and etc. 

As a trainer at National Youth Council of Macedonia and international trainer for youth and youth workers have led many national and international training courses and youth exchanges for social entrepreneurship, migration, experiential learning, ecology. 

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