Foreign Volunteers

Foreign Volunteers in CED:

The organization Centre for Education and Development-CED in 2011 has signed a cooperation agreement with the German organization Friedenskreis in Hale. Through this agreement CED is accredited to be host organization for the German volunteers within the German Weltwaerts programme.

Until now in CED contributed:

rRonja Kindler

Period of volunteering: 2012-2013

From: Eisenach

In the framework of cooperation with the German organization Friedenkreis from Halle in, starting by October 2012 in the organization Centre for Education and Development - CED, for one year was -engaged volunteer Ronja Kindler. "I decided to come for a year in the CED, as I have always wanted to work with children.

"I appreciate the CED organization for giving me this opportunity, to develop my ability informally.” Says Ronja



JensWJens Wiebe

Period of volunteering: 2013-2014

From: Hannover, Germany

Jens Wiebe, the second volunteer who comes from Germany and for one year will be involved in the organization Centre for Education and Development - CED within Weltwaerts German program and cooperation with the sending organization Friedenskreis from Hale.

In the question why he chose CED, Jens answers:  “After it was clear to me that I want do a voluntary year, I started my research on the Internet for a project where I can be active in youth and sports.

During this research I found Friedenskreis - Hale, who is now my sending-organization, and the description of CED."


SarahSSarah Steube

Period of volunteering: 2014-2015

From: Karlsruche, Germany

Sarah Steube was the third volunteer that comes from Germany and served as volunteer at Center for education and development-CED in Tearce.

According Sarah: “Volunteering is a good way to gain new experiences, to get another point of view and to get to know another culture. It is a great opportunity to leave the old ways and gain more independency. I hope that I can also bring in some of my experiences during my stay, so it can be an exchange with positive outcome for both sides”.

“I try to get to know as much of the cultures as possible.  But of course there will be some things that for me as a foreigner are difficult to understand, for example the conflict between the ethnics. I am trying to judge not too quickly and to create workshops where both ethnics are included” says she.



HenrikeHenrike Benjes

Period of volunteering: 2015-2016

From: Bremen, Germany

Henrike Benjes is the fourth volunteer, which for a one year was engaged in organization Center for Education and Development CED. She was sent by the organization Friedenskreis Halle (Germany), which is a partner organization of the CED, and comes from the city of Bremen, Germany. Her previous experience was participation and leadership, groups and workshops with children camps and schools in Germany, as well as experience for mediation, conflict resolution among young people in schools. This cooperation with Germany began in 2011, and is aimed exchanging positive experiences of German youth and their contribution to the organization and the wider society in Macedonia.

"I just finished school and decided that I did not want to go to university directly but instead do a voluntary service.  Through internet research I found the Friedenskreis Halle, my sending organization, and the CED. I liked what I heard about the projects the CED organizes and thought that their topics were very interesting. One of my reasons for a voluntary service was that I get to live in a completely different environment for a year. A different environment does not necessarily mean the other end of the world- I wanted to get to know another part of my continent. Before I came here I didn't really know anything about Macedonia and the Balkan region and I am excited to get to know the people and their daily life". says Henrike.

CarolinehHCaroline Heyroth

Period of volunteering: January - August 2016

From: Halle, Germany

For almost 7 months Caroline Heyroth was involved in Center for education and development-CED, after her experience in Prishtina, Kosovo. Together with Henrike, she had chance to work with young people from Tearce region and during this period they organized several activities such creative workshops, eco activities, and cultural events.




 Fidan VelijaFidanVelija1

 Period of volunteering: 2016-2017

 From: Marl, Germany

 Fidan Velija was the sixth volunteer that served in CED and sent by the German organization Friedenskreis in Halle. Even though he has Albanian background from Kosovo, he  successfully was integrated in the region and in the organization and promoted intercultural values. He successfully assisted in several project that are implemented by CED, such as  Beans Day, Children Rights Week, Eco Days, Exhibition and many different event, but also managed his own projects and activities.   
 “I’ve chosen you as my hosting organization, because your work deals with children and young people. This is very important to me and I think it’s really exciting and challenging to  support your work for one year, but also implement my own projects.” says Fidan