Why ecological programs:


Since its foundation CED identified ecology as their scope. This need has come as a result of many activities and meetings with key people of the organization,foto_ekologjiweb_1who have identified this area, and asked CED in the coming years to work in this program.

During the preparation of the strategic plan 2009-2014 to support Triagolnik and Pestalozzi Foundation, the organization’s leaders created the program “Clean Environment – Healthy Future” which aimed to develop activities, which aim was to raise awareness of the residents and the youth for environmental protection, promotion of the beauties of Shara, protection of flora and fauna, as well as finding alternative ways for tourism in the region of Sharr Mountain.

Ecological events:

In the first beginning of the organization an activity since 2007 which is implemented every year it is “Day of Ecology” on 21st march. This activity aims to implement ecological creative activities, where young people demonstrate awareness for nature protection. For each consecutive year the same activity is supported by the Municipality of Tearce, all schools in the region of Tearce, Municipal Enterprise, and Eco Flor, other local organizations as well as regional.

Within the project “Clean Environment – Healthy Future” supported by the Macedonian ecological association in the village Nerashte CED implements the event let’s save the planet earth, in advance volunteers implemented different workshops in all schools of Tearce, also there are different lectures held, with different experts and the organization is presented in the main event which takes place in the Sunny Hill – Tetovo with foreign and local supporters.

Activites to promote the beauty of Sharr

In the framework of cooperation with the Center for Contemporary Arts Skopje, and Rural Network Right to village, from the beginning of November 2012 CED organization implements debates with the regional population in advertisement of Sharr Mountaion as a national park. This event gathers activists from the regionfoto_veb_strategji and Kosovo.

In 2013 CED became part of the network for cross-border cooperation Kosovo – Albania – Macedonia to protect Sharr Mountain and its advertisement as a national park. In this context it also signed a common vision.

In 2012 the organization conducts seminar for all activists in the region on the topic of protected space, meaning and benefits. This event is supported by the Macedonian Ecological Association.

From 2012 to 2014 the organization implements various events to promote the beauty of Sharra, like: plant and animal world, info tables placed along the road to the Three Waters, billboards on the main road, evens with schools from three municipalities, advertisement with pictures, herbarium and other events which are followed by many people and the media.

Creating a strategy for dealing with climate changes

Creating a municipal strategy for climate changes is one of the largest projects carried out locally by the Centre for Education and Development (CED), in cooperation with the Municipality of Tearce. The strategy was created under the project of municipal strategies for climate, which is financially supported by USAID and implemented by Milieukontakt Macedonia; the project generally includes some municipalities in Macedonia.

For the implementation of municipal strategy was used the methodology called Green Agenda, which allows maximum access to all parties in the process andstrategji_foto_veb identify possible solutions.

Green Agenda process began in June 2013 with a meeting where they were able to involve all stakeholders from the region of the municipality of Tearce, non-governmental organizations, various associations, institutions, businesses, and activists who are knowledgeable about climate change and generally people who care about nature.

Within this project the municipality as an institution was able to win two financial grants, which will appear as a result of working groups.

As the benefits of the strategy are:

- Strategy that will reflect the current needs of Tearce and provide measure to address climate changes.

- To increase experience of project leaders and other stakeholders in the community through numerous workshops and trainings conducted by trainers and
experts involved in the project.

- To gain new knowledge through Green Agenda process, which will be transferred to the community to promote the values identified by most members of the working groups.

- To identify the most affected agricultural crops and suggesting measures for the protection and adaption to climate changes.

"Nature does not forgive, it just warns"