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Since 2006, The Center for Education and Development (CED) has been developing the next generation of leaders in North Macedonia. We work directly with youth, teachers, parents, institutions, and other leading organizations to develop impactful projects to empower and uplift young people aged 12 to 28.


Young people have skills, knowledge, and attitudes to take on initiatives and build a healthy and developed community where different ethnicities peacefully coexist.


CED invests in young people’s development through non-formal education, volunteerism and youth work fostering creative initiatives and mutual collaboration.


The Association's main goals derive from its mission and vision. Within the fields of work, Education, Culture, Ecology and Institutional Development, CED will focus.


Our activities activate youth through work, play, and practice and empower them to make connections and learn new skills that are long-term, comprehensive, and last a lifetime.


CED was born out of the classroom, and we continue to prioritize active learning in all of our activities. We believe that learning continues far outside of the school walls, and some of the most important lessons cannot be taught through traditional education.

Intercultural Dialogue

Throughout its history, the Polog Region has been a crossroads of several different cultures, traditions, and peoples. Today, diversity is the biggest strength of our region and its communities. As we develop the cultural institutions in our region, ...

Institutional Development

For the long-term well-being of society, everyday citizens must become active participants in their institutions. When communities and institutions work together, their efforts contribute to the effective development of the region. ...


Young people in Macedonia face many challenges, including unemployment. In 2023, the youth unemployment rate was at 25.7%. With our support, they can access many more opportunities. By developing employment skills in our youth and promoting youth entrepreneurship ...

Community Development

In 2013, we also worked on enhancing the capacities of Committees for Inter-Community Relations (CICR) in municipalities, in partnership with the Institute for Communities Development – Tetovo.

Environmental Protection

Our region includes the Shar Mountains, a large highland mountain range spanning northwestern North Macedonia and southern Kosovo. The area has a wealth of biological diversity and opportunity. However, the Shar Mountains are at risk of intensive economic development, including ...

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Promoting Sustainable Agriculture in Shar Mountains

Promoting Sustainable Agriculture in Shar Mountains

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Promoting Inclusion through Extracurricular Activities

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Opening youth Center in Tearce Municipality

Opening youth Center in Tearce Municipality

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Youth Participation in Rural Areas

Youth Participation in Rural Areas

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