Sustainable Agriculture in the Shar Mountains

April 2024 – Shar Mountain, Macedonia 

A memorandum of cooperation was signed this week to support rural communities on Shar Mountain. In the framework of the project “Strengthening rural environments: promoting sustainability in local communities”, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Center for Education and Development and representatives from Hotel Scardus and Agricultural Cooperative Sharri.

The memorandums mark an important step towards the implementation of two interventions which will improve the production and reliable distribution of agricultural products by small farmers and mountain foragers. Shari Cooperative will have the role of aggregating and bringing products directly to market, providing better marketing and support to local farmers. Hotel Scardus will develop a Harvest Hub to promote mountain products such as mountain tea, blueberries, juniper, and chestnuts. 

The interventions are supported by the “Empower We Effect Europe” program from We Effect and the subprogram for increasing income and socio-economic empowerment of vulnerable and marginalized groups from rural and peri-urban areas. These initiatives aims to create sustainable living conditions in rural areas and improve the economic status of farmers in the region.