• December 19, 2006
    With the initiative of Metin Muaremi, and with the support of Mensure Ilazi, Dijana Petrovska, Alije Maliki and Xhemal Qamili, the Center for Education and Development – CED was established in Tearce.
  • April, 2007
    CED signed the first contract with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia for the implementation of the Modernization of Education project to implement trainings in the Polog region.
  • June, 2009
    CED in cooperation with the Association “Triangle” Skopje, MAJKA Kumanovo and SPPMD Kavadarci, start the first collaborations with the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation, to implement projects and send children to the Children’s Camp exchange in Switzerland.
  • 2010
    CED with the support of SDC Switzerland and CAC Skopje implement the first edition of the Traditional Festival “Beans Day”.
  • 2011
    In cooperation with partners from CAC, MES and local organizations from Kosovo CED organizes the first Public Debate on Declaring Shar as National Park in Tearce.
  • 2012
    The first volunteers from “Friedenskreis” Halle (Germany) and the Peace Corps (USA) arrive at CED and contribute to the region and beyond.
  • 2013
    CED with other youth organizations initiates the creation of the National Youth Council in North Macedonia.
    CED begins the process of creating the Youth Council of the Municipality of Tearce and the Strategy for Climate Change with the support of USAID
  • 2015
    In cooperation with the Macedonian Ecological Society, Hiking Club Ljuboten, and IRZ, the “Friends of Sharri” Platform is founded, which aims to declare Mount Shar a National Park.
  • 2016
    With the support of UNDP, CED opens the Info Club at the State University of Tetovo, later also at SEEU.
  • 2018
    CED with its member participates in the Republic of North Macedonia within the general assembly.
  • 2019
    CED establishes the Rural Network for advocacy of local communities in Republic of North Macedonia
  • 2020
    With “Friends of Sharr” and the support of UNEP, CED leads the campaign for the Declaration of Mount Sharr National Park.
  • 2024
    With the support of Albiz Foundation and USAID, CED opened an intercultural Youth Center in Tearce, to foster a space for the region’s youth to learn and grow!

..our story continues!