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Together for Inclusion

wbf coverCenter for Education and Development in North Macedonia recently hosted a successful exchange on inclusion, welcoming teachers from Albania and Kosovo to participate in a series of events and activities aimed at promoting inclusion in education. The project was funded by the Western Balkans Fund and led by EdGuard from Kosovo, with the CED and CRCAA serving as the project's partner.

As part of the project, participants visited Tetovo, a city in North Macedonia, to gain a better understanding of how inclusion is being promoted in the country's education system. The group visited several schools in Tetovo, where teachers from Albania and Kosovo shared their experiences and best practices for promoting inclusion in the classroom. During the visits to schools in Tetovo, participants had the opportunity to learn directly from local teachers about the innovative approaches they are using to promote inclusion in the classroom. The schools presented their own experiences and best practices, highlighting successful strategies that have been effective in creating a more inclusive learning environment. Participants were impressed with the dedication and commitment of local teachers to promoting inclusion and were inspired by the creative and effective strategies that they saw being implemented in the schools. The visits to schools in Tetovo were a key highlight of the project, providing participants with practical ideas and insights that they can take back to their own classrooms in Albania and Kosovo.

The project was highly successful, with participants gaining valuable insights into how inclusion is being promoted in North Macedonia and sharing their own experiences and strategies for promoting inclusion in their respective countries. Center for Education and Development was pleased to host this important initiative and hopes that it will contribute to a greater understanding of the importance of inclusion in education and lead to more effective policies and practices in this area.

In addition to visiting schools, the project also included visits to several landmarks in Tetovo to promote cultural and religious diversity. Teachers from Albania and Kosovo had the opportunity to visit the ancient Colorfoul Mosque, “Arabati Baba” Masjid, and the Gallery of Fine Arts, among other landmarks in the city. These visits provided a unique opportunity for participants to learn more about the rich cultural and historical heritage of North Macedonia and to connect with teachers from other countries in the region who share a common interest in promoting inclusion and diversity in education. The Center for Education and Development was proud to organize these visits and hopes that they will contribute to a greater understanding and appreciation of the cultural and religious diversity that characterizes the Western Balkans.

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