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CED's First Little Prince Festival!

testtLITLLL CED’s First Annual Little Prince Festival!

Last night, at 17:00, CED successfully hosted its first “Little Prince Festival” at the Salle e Komunës of Tearce’s municipal hall and concluded its “Little Prince” writing contest. CED conducted this event in memory of local volunteer Besir Ramadani, whose favorite book was Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince.

Students responded enthusiastically and prolifically to CED’s open call (which lasted from February 1st to February 7th) for poems, essays, and stories; the organization received over 30 submissions from the Municipality of Tearce, including schools from the villages of Nerashtë, Odri, Dobroshte, and Tearce. In gathering the students together in the name of this contest, the event recognized the creative potential of the municipality’s youth and recognized the teachers who foster and mentor this creativity and passion for the written art among their students. To decide on the contest’s winners, CED formed a jury among its organization who read through the submissions from February 7th to February 10th. At this final event, the jury announced winners of third, second, and first place prizes – going to Orinda Dervishi, Duran Shabani, and Amela Huseini.

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Attended by Tearce’s mayor, president of CED Metin Muaremi, teachers from Nerashtë, Odri, Dobroshte, and Tearce, the students who submitted, and Besir Ramadani’s family, the event celebrated literature, volunteerism, creativity, art, all while respectfully remembering and celebrating Besir’s legacy and his activities and impact in Tearce.

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