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About US

Short description of CED

Centre for Education and Development (CED) is a nongovernmental organization that works in Macedonia, in national level since December 2006. Organization has as a target group of young people aged 12 to 28 years, while for achieving its goals in youth activities includes young people, teachers, parents, heads of leading institutions and other organizations. Since 2008, we are working in youth capacity building, in different topics such as basis of youth work, youth employability Skills (YES), Social Entrepreneurship, communication and leadership skills, creative conflict Management, Project Cycle management, and youth participation. Through capacity building trainings, CED initiated creating of  the National Youth Council, which is a platform that represents the interests and needs of young people as a link with all stakeholders and ensuring the involvement and active participation of youth in decision-making at every level, and the Municipal Youth Council’s that aims to increase youth participation in the decision-making and policy-making processes through the establishment of functional mechanisms of the institutions under the local administration. 

Through campaigns, info points, publications, analyzes and public debates we achieved to promote social entrepreneurship and to provide youth with the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to become healthy, productive workers and participants in civic and community affairs.

Cooperation with different stakeholders, such as schools, universities, local authorities, agencies, government and other CSO’s is the core of our success. As result of good cooperation, we had impact in policy decision making processes through creating different documents and strategies for local and central authorities.

Networking is very important to us, as we are part of different networks in national and regional level, such as, Coalition of Youth Organizations SEGA, National Youth Council of Republic of Macedonia, SROV, SWG(strengthen working group), Friedenskreis Halle – Germany, Peace Corps and non – formal network of partner organization of Children Foundation Pestalozzi – Switzerland.

Experienced in vocational skills development, social entrepreneurship, gender mainstreaming and in establishing public-private development partnerships makes us conscious to deal with these challenges in the future.