CED's Regulars:

The Center for Education and Development's (CED) members are the main driver of the organization's many activities taking place in the region and the state in general. Highly competent experts, from various fields, compose our team and their capacities can meet the needs of all our beneficiaries, while simultaneously taking global and regional changes and trends into context.

From the beginning CED has had a clear institutional mission and vision of action in society and promotion of positive social change, a vision of young people with enhanced capacities, knowledge, skills and able contribute to their future. CED's staff are its most influential and crucial aspect of its successful projects.  Qualified members who are motivated to work with young people ease our burden of project implementation. All of CED's members are at their core, people who want to contribute to change. They have all participated in CED-organized trainings and directly contribute to create projects that both promote their personal values and the organization's values.

Now let's meet the members.  

Members of CED

Radmila Radmila Serafimoska

 Project assistantt

Radmila has been working in the field of education for more than 7 years. She has a BA of Arts (English Language and Literature) and MA in Education (Pedagogy) and is a certified teacher of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She works as a teacher in a primary and secondary school in Tetovo, teaching English language and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Radmila is passionate about learning languages: proficient in English, Russian, German, and Spanish and currently learning Turkish. Additionally, she is certified court translator and works in this field as a freelancer. Radmila has been part of many projects as a coordinator, supervisor, and interpreter in regards to employment, self-employment, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, critical and creative thinking, creative teaching and innovation, and migration. She has been part of CED as project assistant and is an aspiring trainer.



Xhevrije Fasljii

Fasilitator for Youth

Xhevrije Fasljii from the Municipality of Tetovo - Tearce is a graduate of the Faculty of Philology at the University of Tetovo, in the field of Macedonian language and literature. Has previous work experience in the period from 2019 to 2021 in "Sonce" Association for Democratic Development of Roma, as a tutor of Roma students from second and third grade in Macedonian language and mathematics.

Also, during 2021, she was hired by "Romaversitas" as a mentor to Roma high school students in the academic year 2020/21. During 2020 - 2022 she was hired as an assistant to support the Roma community within the project Regular classes, an action for the inclusion of Roma in primary education.

Xhevrije has participated in various workshops, trainings and seminars during her studies.




WhatsApp Image 2022 05 07 at 9.52.02 PMLavdrim Ismaili
Fasilitator for Youth 

Lavdrim is currently a fifth-year Computer Science Student at the SEEU, but is extensively involved in the NGO sector, including CED .

His passions involve programing, photography, reading, sports, especially fitness, etc. His interests involve traveling, volunteering, meeting new people and learn about other cultures, nationalities, and different religions.

He has done many trainings about multicultural developments in North Macedonia. He also has certificates in courses about graphic design and WordPress developing.

Lavdrim has been part of a few math and science contests. 


ArditaAsani Ardita Asani
Project Coordinator (Mentor)
Ardita is currently a fifth-year Medicine Student at the University of Tetovo, but is extensively involved in the NGO sector in the northwestern part of Macedonia, working with the Rotaract Club and women’s forum in Tetovo in addition to CED. Her passions and interests involve clinical psychology, psychiatry, and gender dynamics. She has great competencies in translation, project design and management, and youth training. She was succesfully managing for almost one year the Info Club in Tetovo, by implementing differetn trainigns, events, workshops, promotions and other activities related the plan.





muametMuhamet Useini


Muhamet is a young volunteer living in Tearce and attending his first year at "Mosha Pijade " secondary school in Tetovo. He has participated in CED's Beans Day, Eco Day, and other local projects. While he is quite young, he has potential to be developed as an English speaker, a volunteer, and a member of the organization. For more than two years he is supporting the local and foreign volunteer that are functionin in CED.





WhatsApp Image 2022 05 09 at 8.02.17 PMAlketa Mustafi
Fasilitator for Youth Work

Alketa is a first-year student at South East University of Tetovo, studying finance banking and accounting.

Her passions and interests involve volunteering, researching, reading, journaling, creating or editing. She has competencies in strategic planning, team building, critical thinking, analytical skills.