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The Center for Education and Development's (CED) members are the main driver of the organization's many activities taking place in the region and the state in general. Highly competent experts, from various fields, compose our team and their capacities can meet the needs of all our beneficiaries, while simultaneously taking global and regional changes and trends into context.

From the beginning CED has had a clear institutional mission and vision of action in society and promotion of positive social change, a vision of young people with enhanced capacities, knowledge, skills and able contribute to their future. CED's staff are its most influential and crucial aspect of its successful projects.  Qualified members who are motivated to work with young people ease our burden of project implementation. All of CED's members are at their core, people who want to contribute to change. They have all participated in CED-organized trainings and directly contribute to create projects that both promote their personal values and the organization's values.




More than 10 years’ experience in managerial positions in projects at national and international level, starting from CBC LOJA (2002-2005), Forum SYD, Coordinator and Local Junior Expert in ECAP project (EU project), Master trainer in USAID projects and founder of Center for Education and Development CED.

Participant and leader in various trainings like; management, conflict resolution, mentoring, financial operations, intercultural learning, strategic planning and international cooperation through various intercultural exchanges and conferences organized by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation, Friedenstkreiss Hale, OFAJ, EVS.

More than 5 years as a participant and trainer of the programme for Leadership and Community Youth Work(finished Level A, B and B+) through Centre for non-formal education Triagolnik, Proni and Forum Syd certified by Joncheping University in Sweden. Great experience in identifying, developing and managing projects for the development of culture in rural areas, through non formal education activities and volunteers.

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Yllza Eshtrefi

Youth Coordinator

Yllza Eshtrefi comes from Pershefce near Tetovo. Currently she is fourth year student in the High State School “Kiril Pejcinoviq”-Tetovo. She joined CED in 2017 after participating at the international Summer Camp in Children’s Village Pestalozzi, in Trogen/Switzerland. During this camp she had chance to increase her capacities on Learning Democracy, Migrations, Conflicts, Child Rights, and Gender issues. For two years in row she is volunteering and supporting the organization on implementing the traditional manifestation Beans Day. Since January 2018, she used to work with foreign volunteers in CED supporting them on activities such Winter Olympics, Day of Ecology, Workshops with children and implementing for three years in row the Summer Programme. In 2018 she successfully finished the 8 days of training on Career development and Self-employability supported by SWG and UNDP, while in 2019 she was assistant coordinator for implementing the trainings in Tetovo University within the Info Club Tetovo. Currently Yllza is Youth Coordinator and implementing several workshops in CED with young people.

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Project assistant

Radmila has been working in the field of education for more than 7 years. She has a BA of Arts (English Language and Literature) and MA in Education (Pedagogy) and is a certified teacher of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She works as a teacher in a primary and secondary school in Tetovo, teaching English language and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Radmila is passionate about learning languages: proficient in English, Russian, German, and Spanish and currently learning Turkish. Additionally, she is certified court translator and works in this field as a freelancer. Radmila has been part of many projects as a coordinator, supervisor, and interpreter in regards to employment, self-employment, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, critical and creative thinking, creative teaching and innovation, and migration. She has been part of CED as project assistant and is an aspiring trainer.

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Photographer / Cinematographer

Part of Center for Education and Development (CED) since 2006. Has been part of a lot trainings and workshops that were organized by the CED’s side. In 2008 Liridon got promoted as a President of Volunteer body, where he organized the structure of volunteers and their trainings. After one year experience as a president of volunteer body, Liridon moved to the section of youth coordinator, where he started to lead different workshops for youth and kids. Also Liridon took part as a supervisor in the intercultural exchanges that were organized by the Pestalozzi Children’s Village 2012 and 2013. Cultural Triangle project was coordinated by Liridon also an Eco project by MED Skopje 2013. In 2014 in a period of 9 months Liridon graduated in the emPower programme organized by Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation in the topic of: Intercultural communication and human rights. Currently Liridon it's active in Center for Education and Development and mostly working on the PR part, with photography and cinematography, creating also different posters, designs and brochures for different events.

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Project Coordinator

Is active member of Center for education and development (CED) since 2010. Since then starting as a volunteer he has participated in many trainings and activities which CED organized. But also as a representative of CED in many international trainings and activities.

Ardonit Ismaili graduated in Political Science at the South East European University in Tetovo, winning the award as one of the most distinguished students of the generation. He is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Diplomacy at the South East European University on the campus of the city of Skopje. He is currently a volunteer at the Center for Education and Development (CED) and at the “Info Youth Club” - Tetovo. He is engaged as a community mobilizer in the 'Support to Electoral Reforms' project - a project supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), implemented by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and its partner the National Youth Council of Macedonia (ICRM). He is a youth activist focused mainly on youth policies and their development.

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