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My EVS experience in Croatia


I participated in a short-term EVS in Croatia, precisely in Latinovac. The first day when I arrived there I was thinking “Oh this is the smallest village in the world, how will I be here and live for two months”. But how days were passing that small village step by step got into my heart.



Best two mounts I spend there. Village is small and quiet, with sky full of stars at night. At beginning we were bit shy and closed, but somehow we become the best  group.



We have big varicosity of activities. Different every day. I liked almost every activity. Working on the property - for the first time in my life I was planting, harvesting onion, chopping woods, making jam but the kitchen duties were my favorite. I was so proud of myself when I made the first bread; I learned how to make sejtan, pasta and etc. Also we  organized a big convergence for permaculture, organization that was  a bit harder  but we  managed it with very good team work and good friendship  which we made there and we have workshop’s with the local kids. I also worked on my computer from time to time; making videos and writing newspapers were also one of my favorite activities.



In Latinovac I met lot of  people, people  who make rainy days better, people who inspire and make you feel welcome where ever you go. People who will go on adventures with you without any doubt. People who remind that world is an amazing place.

In the end I will write about the best part, traveling, traveling with a lot of people that slowly became my family. We were hitchhiking to the sea side and taking care of each other; sleeping on the beach, exploring new towns, learning more about the Croatian history; amazing, amazing experience.



I appreciate the EVS from the social and cultural point of view as well. It’s very valuable experience. You will meet a lot of amazing people, you will try a new thing, and you will explore a lot.