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Together for a cleaner and more developed Sharr

web PolPartii1The Center for Education and Development - CED together with representatives of the youth wings of all major political parties organized the event "All for a cleaner and more developed Sharr Mountain" The event aimed to set a good example of care, promotion and preservation of the environment and promotion of the values Sharr Mountain as our common home, precisely by young people aspiring to be future decision makers.

During the event, young people from the youth wings of the political parties set a personal example by cleaning up waste, writing eco-messages and signing a joint declaration of commitment to invest in improving the environment.



We, the undersigned,

  • Guided by the principle that the protection and promotion of the environment is a priority for all political actors and stakeholders in the society;
  • Believing that caring for nature as a value and commitment should be a common aspiration of all political actors and citizens;
  • Welcoming the commitment of all political parties on the path to EU membership and the implementation of European values ​​and principles of the European Union;
  • Considering the biodiversity, natural resources and potential for eco-tourism that Shar Mountain has;

But also the challenges of maintaining cleanliness and the need for sustainable waste management and sustainable use of the natural resources.   

We declare our commitment to:

  • Investing in the protection and improvement of our environment;
  • Improving the waste management and cleaningness in the environment and sustainable use of natural resources;
  • Promotion, improvement and development of Sharr Mountain as a future protected area with a diverse tourist offer;
  • Advocacy of citizens, especially of the young people to realize their potential through the promotion of sustainable measures for rural development and entrepreneurship.

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