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Training on Career Development 2020

FotoIC 1Centre for Education and Development - CED within Info Club Tetovo, in the framework of the project "RISE" - Network for Recourses, Information, Skills and Employability, a project funded by UNDP, and in cooperation with the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences, organized a two-day training (6 and 7 November 2020). The training for career development was attended by all those interested who aimed at their professional development and knowledge reinforcement in terms of what each employer requires from his employees.

This training lasted two days and consisted of four modules, including the introductory module, personal development, job search skills and communication skills as well as group work and leadership. On the first day the participants have to know each other, they expressed what they expected from the whole agenda program. Also on the first day, the group rules were defined. Participants were trained on how to get to employment information, how to write their resume and motivational letter. Also on the first day, the participants had the opportunity to be acquainted with the interviewing techniques through acting. 

On the second day, the participants defined communication and played games with active listening target. In addition, a point of discussion on the second day was verbal and nonverbal communication. Participants on the second day also defined the terms leader and manager, and through various games detected in themselves whether they have leadership or follower skills.

All students, including high school and university students, had the right to participate in this two-day training. A positive and motivating atmosphere lasted throughout the training and all participants showed interest in everything involved in the training. 

At the end of the training, they expressed themselves that the training has helped them a lot to reinforce the information they already knew but also learned many new things.
CED and Info Club Tetovo will continue organising these kind of trainings, including here the advanced level of the same ones, so stay tuned.

Declaration from the participants:

“This training has been very meticulous and concise because the things we have learned we will need a lot for the future and I think it has met all my expectations. The fact that there was a lot of interactivity from both participants and trainers makes this training different from other trainings.”- Adem Jashari, participant

“ Through this training I learned and acquired my knowledge regarding how to write a proper CV, a motivational letter worthy of applying for a job and what it is like to be a leader, the approach to society and the district where we live.” - Florentina Sadiku, participant            

                                                                                                                                                                  FotoIC 2FotoIC 1