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Bean monument in Tearce

fotoBeansD 1A monument in honor of the Beans Day was erected in the village of Tearce, Tetovo region on 04.12.2020. The creator Ljubisa Kamenjarov, whose idea was to create a fusion of traditional and modern artistic expression, made the monument. On the one hand, he presents the beans as a long-standing and indigenous variety, the most famous and far famous in this area. On the other hand as a unique and promising Macedonian agricultural product with great potential for development and profitability.

This monument was erected in the village of Tearce, in honor of the event "Beans Day" which for 10 years in a row (Documentary here), was implemented every year in Tearce by the Center for Education and Development - CED and numerous partners and supporters from the country and abroad. This project was supported by Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) Skopje, a organization that for many year was strategic partner of CED and supported similar activities aiming rural development and culture on Rural areas.


The Beans Day event gathered over 500 visitors each year from different generations, nationalities, religions and geographical areas. On that day, various dishes prepared from beans are cooked and tasted; cultural and artistic societies and music groups perform music points and dances. The event aims to promote and emphasize the value of the famous Tetovo beans as an agricultural value equally important for all residents in the region. In addition, especially to encourage more young people to engage in bean production as a well-profitable and promising activity in the region.

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