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14 Years with CED

14YearsCEDcoverAfter the period of 2001, Tearce is "labeled" as a place where most of the leaders of local and national organizations will implement projects in order to introduce an interethnic cooperation, which despite the conflict from 2001, the residents managed to maintain positive reports of created over the years.

For the realization of each project, the main need, in addition to financial means, are various human capacities. Aware that every project has as its main goal "what after the project ends?", So how will the sustainability continue after the departure of a donor, activists with the initiative of Metin Muaremi, Mensure Ilazi, Xhemal Qamili, Dijana Srecko Petrovski and Alije M.Ismaili decided to establish the CED organization on December 19th 2006, ie to become a legal entity, being aware of the challenges they will face in a country where over 10,000 non-governmental organizations are registered.

After its establishment, NGO CED continues with various activities in order to organize various cultural events, events aimed at promoting children's rights, various trainings for teachers and youth workers who will be able to work with methods. new ones during the educational process as well as through various creative workshops. The organization believes that only through the cooperation of all key institutions operating in the region, but also of all residents can be helped to create a more developed living environment for all living in the region.

Most of the projects that have been implemented have been supported by the Swiss Program for Culture, Pro Helvetia, USAID, Friedenskreis Hale (Germany), CAC, UNDP(Office Skopje), UNEP, Civika Mobilitas, the Ministry of Education and Science, as well as the last donor of most activities, the Pestalozzi Children Foundation, Switzerland and many others with whom CED shares values.


The organization marks a significant increase and the offer of its services is increasing every day, because as a target group has young people aged 12 to 28 who are no longer satisfied with the current situation and who want to promote change in society, while to achieve its goals in the activities always include young people, teachers, parents, leaders of institutions and leaders of other organizations.

The founders, key people, volunteers, collaborators and leaders of various institutions talk about the first steps of the organization, their involvement and the impact of the organization on their personal and professional experience. Video Documentary<LINK>