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Happy New Year

santaLOGODear friends, colleagues, collaborators, partners, donors,

The end of 2020 is a good opportunity to reflect on the progress we have made through our activities and to see how we can fully achieve our goals that we have set for ourselves as an organization and as a team.
The passing year proved once again the importance of the work that the CED organization does and in a way we managed to prove that despite the new measures, as an organization we managed to adapt to the new conditions that the pandemic imposed. 2020 was a challenging year for CED and all our supporters, so I want to use this letter to thank all those who helped us get through it.

We started with a successful exchange in the Children's Village in Pestalozzi, Switzerland, hosted two foreign volunteers, one of whom stayed at CED despite the pandemic measures, continued as a key UNEP partner to declare Mount Sharr a national park, and almost realized all traditional but also new activities, with the aim of youth activism and protection from the virus that was spreading everywhere.
CED's experience with youth development in the field, both nationally and locally, proves that it is an organization with exceptional project execution skills and goals, in addition to building strategic partnerships to help create these goals successfully. With these attitudes, with its team and knowledge from all this experience, CED will only continue to fulfill, develop and improve life in Northern Macedonia for its beneficiaries.

I feel very proud and grateful for the team of the organization and the way they quickly adapted and coped with the situation created during this year, especially the implementation of activities which  required physical participation.

Despite the pandemic, we never completely left our offices, but continued to work together as a team, as this new way of working forced us to grow and become even stronger as an organization in the region and beyond. For the challenges of 2021 we need vision and get ready to enter, let alone hope that this pandemic, which has conquered the world will end soon and return to 'normal' with increased will and commitment to them made our country better.


Celebrate responsibly and take care!

Metin Muaremi
Center for education and development-CED