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Meeting the EU Ambassador

Meeting the EU AmbassadorFoto2021On 17.03.2021 the Ambassador of the European Union to North Macedonia, His Excellency Mr.David Geer met with several representatives of the civil sector, amongst them the president of Center for education and development-CED, Mr.Metin Muaremi was present, organization that works in Tetovo and beyond. The idea of this meeting was for the representatives of European office in Skopje to get acquainted with the various issues that the civil sector addresses as well as opportunities for future action. 

In general, the EU strongly supports the initiatives emerging from activists in this sector and in the future their support for associations will increase, as at the same time they promote common values. During the meeting we used to present the challenges of the non-governmental sector were discussed, as well as the various opportunities that the EU and non-governmental organizations may contribute in the future.

Currently CED is leading and in the prevoius year was implementing many Erasmus + projects, aiming to promote youth work, employibility and other issuess related youth and EU values. 


Meeting the EU AmbassadorFoto2021                                                                                                      *on the picture represent of Eco Guerrila, Sonce, CDI and CED