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Acknowledgment for CED from Municipality of Tearce

FotoNuhiM 2On December 28, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Municipality of Tearce, the Mayor Mr. Nuhi Neziri organized an event in which the Center for Education and Development-CED is grateful for the contribution given to the development of education and culture in the region of the Municipality of Tearce. 

CED organization operates at the state and international level for more than 15 years, and its projects have made an impact not only in the region of the Municipality of Tearce but also beyond.

Among the most popular projects known in the region is the Traditional Manifestation "Beans Day" that for 10 years was implemented in this region, "Ecology Day", various trainings for teachers and young people in the region, various exchanges, such as and contribution to the initiation of various cultural events such as “Expatriates Day”, etc.

For this period CED is also known for the direct cooperation it has had with the Municipality of Tearce and that in the creation of the Strategy for dealing with climate change, a project supported by USAID, the Establishment of the Youth Council, and Compilation of the Strategy for Youth Development. Within these projects the municipality of Tearce and the region in general have been involved in all steps of the project.

In this event, gratitude was shared for many other contributors who in various ways have contributed to the promotion of the values ​​of the Municipality of Tearce and the region in general.

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