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Certification ceremony, YES network

YES-Ballina-sertifikatOn May 5th 2012, 24 participants were awarded with certification for successfully completing the training cycle of the project  Youth Employability Skills -YES Network supported by USAID and Education development centre(EDC).
The training was designed for all young people who are not employed and not involved  in education  process. Some of the project objectives were to facilitate Public-Private Dialogue that will improve demand-supply labor exchange at the local level and strengthen the job services capacity of ESA and private job matching companies to ensure trained youth have access to up-to-date information on job openings and career development opportunities.

“Even though the group was very specific, as it is about a group that is somehow left out, we as an organization managed tYEs_sertifikat_f1o motivate and be active throughout the training. Here we must mention the area of ‚Äč‚Äčimplementation, because the project was implemented in rural region, where access to information and activities in general is more difficult than in urban areas”, said Metin Muaremi, Project Coordinator.

The trainings were interactive, in which 8 modules  were completed through which these specific topics were covered, such: Personal development, Job seeking skills, Communication skills, Appropriate Workplace Behaviors, Teamwork and leadership, Security, rights and duties at the workspace and financial skills.

"The training that followed for 4 days was more appropriate for me as unemployed because the topics that we learned during the training will help me in the future when applying for jobs, how to apply and many other things at work." Zana Xhelili, Participant in the training

"The course positively influenced in my personality, and also on my future engagement. I received knowledge which I believe will be of great importance in the future and most importantly friendship isgained." Maria Stefanova, Participant  in training

This training was implemented as a part of Youth Network Youth Employability Skills -YES Network, five year project of the Education development center (EDC) with support from USAID. All participants who successfully completed the course will have the opportunity to participate in other phases of the project, such internships in companies in the region and to follow the next phase of the project.

More about the project: www.yesnetwork.mk