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We learn to live with differences, Trogen 2011

DSCN2726Pestalozzi Childrens Foundation based in Trogen, which is located 20 km near the town of Saint Galen. The village dates from 1946, and in the beginning it was intended, care of children who had lost their parents during World War II.

Was founded by Swiss writer and philosopher Robert Walter Korti and is named after Professor Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi. In the last decades in this place were implemented projects for intercultural exchanges.

From 25 October to 9 November 2011, nine students from the Municipality of Tearce, stayed in the village, in order to participate in the international exchange of children in the village Trogen.
This group was led by two elderly (supervisors), who had tasks to carry for the group during their staying in Trogen. Children were accommodated in two houses specialized for that exchange. Children have a duty to perform all household duties such as taking food, serving in the tables, washing dishes, cleaning the house,  etc.

These obligations are necessary for children of this age, because at this age they confront habits which then remain throughout life. Also during the 15-day stay in Switzerland, children were able to have four excursions throughout the country, during the weekends. They visited the cities of Lucerne, Saint Galen, Zurich and, beautiful waterfalls of Rhine. Most of the time children spent taking part in interactive lectures, where most of them were realized through games and exercises.
Topics of the lectures had to do with communication, teamwork, cooperation, dealing with conflict, etc. In the second week of their stay, children from Macedonia had the opportunity to exchange experiences with other children by Switzerland.

The first house had little city exchange, Poskiavo, located in the Italian part of Switzerland.
While the second house was able to have exchange, Dyesenhofen city, the city is located in the German side. Children from Macedonia, through food, dance, songs presented their culture. Then followed the presentation by the Swiss. In the next exercise children were working in the groups, in order to learn more about teamwork.
Leisure has followed and took part in various sports activities.
These activities happens twicea year, in June and October and, we assure you that, is the only possibility to associate and to learn things they will use throughout life.