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Information right now!-Young people are asking!

ballina-takim_me_keshilltarOn 17 of april on the occassion of european campaign “Young people are asking – Information right NOW, CED which is member of coalition of organizations SEGA organized a meeting with the Municipality Councelers.

Information right NOW! is European campaign implemented by ERYICA in partnership with the Council of Europe. The campaign aims to bring forward to young people, decision-makers and media young people’s right to ask and to receive information.

The campaign will involve three key topics: social inclusion of young people; Democracy, including e-Democracy; Living together in diverse societies.


Through the campaign “Young people are asking – Information right NOW!”, which will be launched on the 17th of April 2012 – in occasion of the European Youth Information Day, ERYICA and the Council of Europe strives to raise the awareness for the role of youth information with special accent of the right to access to information.

The aim of the campaign is young people to understand their right to information, right to access to information of the institutions of the system, information of the Youth Information Centers (YIC), and as well the right to encourage decision making in order to guarantee their right to information.