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Young people are creating!-Young People Are Asking!

Ballina-PipkyetjeOn 16th May 2012, one month after the official launching of the campaign "Information right now" the Pan-European Campaign Action Day themed "Young People Are Asking" to design question marks with young people was organized by the CED.

The Centre for Education and Development in Tearce also supported this Pan-European activity within the campaign "Information Right Now!" The event was held in the secondary school in Municipality of Tearce, where young people creatively prepared a question mark and had an opportunity to write questions concerning youth in three different languages (Macedonian, Albanian and English).

25 young students and volunteers who exhibited CED question mark in the centre of Tearce participated in this event.foto1-pikpyetje

The notes of the respondents for information lacking in general in the city were illustrated with different question marks in different colours, while the notes for information that young people want to receive from local government were single-coloured and illustrated with a t- shirt on which a question mark was set.

Some of the questions were:

Why there is no voleyball team in Municipality of Tearce?

Why young people dont have enough places to express their creativity?

Who is responsible for the Youth activities?

This activitiy is part of the European campaign called  Information right NOW! implemented by ERYICA in partnership with the Council of Europe. The campaign aims to bring forward to young people, decision-makers and media young people’s right to ask and to receive information.

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