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Youth - Promoters of intercultural dialogue!

sega_f3In the period from August to December 2012 was implemented the project "Promoting Intercultural Dialogue between young people in the Republic of Macedonia". The project was implemented by the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, and supported from The Swiss Foundation of the SDC.

The aim is to contribute to the stimulation of the young people from the Republic of Macedonia to be active promoters of the coexistence and intercultural tolerance. As part of this project encompassed Municipality of Tearce, Tetovo, Ohrid, Struga, Prilep.  CED had the task to coordinates the activities of municipality of Tearce, and this included:

1.     Organizing training for peer  educators for intercultural  dialogue

- In the period from 31 August to 2 September in Struga, was the training of peer educators at which training was attended by school students, from  Tearce,sega_f2 representatives of the CED, Bobby Serafimovski, Visar Elmazi,  Hristina Tripunovski and Hatie  Shaini. During the training of that they have acquired the meanings in field of culture, as well as the skill of holding workshops.

2.  Conduction of peer workshops for intercultural understanding

- In coordination of the CED, the Peer Educators from  Tearce conducted a total of 16 workshops on topics intercultural  dialogue. The workshops took place in secondary schools in Tetovo, "Mosha Pijade" and "Nichola Shtejn," as in Tearce.

3.  Creatively expression through art creations
- In the month of November conducted a competition for art works with the theme intercultural dialogue. High school students from Tearce were invited to apply in the competition with their own artistic creations. Formation of the cities was all placed at one place and was prepared E-Catalog.

4.  Promotion of E-the catalog
- On December 17 at secondary school "Mosha Pijade" was promoted the E- catalog with creations on the theme intercultural dialogue. In the event was also given gratitude for cooperation to  “Mosha Pijade”, as well as certificates for the first three of the competition rewarded.

During the entire project, in the part of the coordination of the CED, through workshops, as well as through the competition for the artistic formations encompassed over 200 high school students, from  Tearce and surrounding municipalities who gravitate.