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Theater am Markt in Tearce

TAM_fotoProbabaly everyones attention got caught by the big group of Germans passing through Tearce and wondering what are they doing here. The German group of the Theater am Markt is doing a 3 daily theatre workshop with  people from the municipality of Tearce. The workshop is organized in cooperation with the NGO Center for Education and Development, which cares about everything around the workshop.

The topic of the workshop is improvisational theatre. Further was the time used to present the people from abroad  the special places of the region; for example had some people the chance to see a mosque for the first time from inside and Leshok impressed with it´s beautiful landscape a monastery as well. This trips opened the the opportunity over the workshop time beyond, to share cultural experiences and get in an exchange.

The further aim of the workshop was, to experience the positive profit of community and tolerance for the participants and audience through creating an activitytamKish where the participants of all ethnicities and generations creating one activity together.

The workshops offers the chance, to teach the participants new skills, that these are also after ending the project are able to continue independently in their group on the methods of improvisational theatre.

And whoever thought that language is the most important medium to express is wrong. The workshops switches from German , Albanian, Macedonian and  English or just pantomimes  -  there are no borders to express yourself. All of the participating persons are positive surprised, how easy it is to communicate without having the same mother tongue.

In the end there is nothing left to say then it is a lot of fun, though high concentration and hard work. You see cheerful and excited faces when you look through the participants, which gained new experiences - in more than acting.


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