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Signing the joint vision

foto1SharrMESRepresentatives of the Centre for Education and Development - CED participate in drafting and signing of a common vision for cross-border protection Shara, Korab and Deshat, a project implemented by the Macedonian Ecological Society in partnership with associations Finch PPNEA from Albania and Kosovo.

The three ministers of environment from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, along with Austrian ambassador and German Deputy Ambassador of Macedonia signed a joint vision for the proposed transboundary protected area “Shar Mountain – Korab”. The vision was part of a project implemented by MES with two more NGOs from Albania and Kosovo under coordination of EuroNatur.

The vision signing occurred within the obtained trilateral ministerial meeting that took place on 7 November 2013 on Popova Shapka. Besides the high level representatives, the Joint vision ëas also signed by the rest of participants who attended the meeting.

The meeting, as well as the act of signing the vision is a promising step toëards the resumption of cross-border cooperation to protect the region Shar Mountain-Korab-Deshat.

The vision was developed by a number of stakeholders from the three countries such as NGOs, institutions, municipalities and management bodies of national protected areas.