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Councilors discus, citizens read

foto_1_JEF09.07.2015, Center for education and development – CED in cooperation with JEF Organization and in partnership with ZIP Institute, YMCA – Tetovo, Student organization IZLEZ and Macedonian center for transatlantic integration, in the frame of project “Councilors discus, citizens read” – How to have bigger transparency in Municipal Councils”, organized Round Table with the representative of Council of Municipality of Tetovo and representatives of civil organizations. The aim of the project is to increase the transparency and the access to information with public character in local level, as a pre conditional of effective engagement of citizens and to influence in decision making process of Municipal Councils and also to promote and facilitate the access to information with public character.

In this meeting it was presented a research implemented in 76 Municipalities in Republic of Maceodina, where the web pages of the Municipalities were put “underfoto_2_JEF scrutiny” according to publishing information with public character. According to the research, implemented by Metamorphosis organization, were identified four levels of transparency: Very transparent municipalities, transparent municipalities, partially transparent and not transparent.

Municipality of Tetovo is part of second group, transparent municipality. 

Then from the President of the Municipal Council of Tetovo it was given clearer picture about the transparency of Municipal Council, how many decisions are taken, in which fields, how is the communication Councilors vs Citizen and other relevant information in frame of the topic of round table.

After the speech of the President of Municipal Council it was given space to the attendants to ask questions and to give suggestions and comments about how it should work in the future to increase the level of transparency in the Municipality of Tetovo.

The round table it was closed with the conclusion that this meeting should not be the first and the last one of this kind, but we should engage also in the future to work for increasing the transparency of information with public character in local level.