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Summer Camp, Trogen 2015

summer_camp2015f124.08.2015, Another successful Summer Children Camp was held in Pestalozzi Children's Village in Trogen, Switzerland from 29.07.2015 until 12.08 2015. 160 children from Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine and Moldova were part of this summer camp, including 40 children aged 16-17 from Macedonia led by NGOs such as Center for education and Development-CED as coordinator of the camp, SPPMD Kavadarci, MAJKA - Kumanovo, Coalition of Youth Organizations SEGA and children from the region of Strumica with their supervisors.

Within fifteen days camp participants had 10 working days in which were involved in the workshops that were held in the school in the village.

The workshops were with different topics in the field of children's rights, anti-discrimination, migration, intercultural, conflict transformations and each participant had the right to attend workshops of their own choice with topics of their interest. The participants through interactive lessons, games and projects had the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and to develop an action plan to transfer the acquired knowledge after their return home.

During those 15 days residence in the camp except the presence of the workshops participants attended the joint celebration of the national holiday of Switzerland, the Summer festival, as well as several celebrations when they had lunch with all participants and a great opportunity through excursions to visit several cities in Switzerland and get to know the natural beauties and cultural landmarks of this country. Also it was organized a tasting of the wonderful Swiss chocolate and melted cheese Racklette.

For the first time, this year the children were placed in mixed groups with participants from other countries which was an excellent opportunity for mutual
understanding, friendship, communication, cultural exchanges and improving English. Participants during their stay in the houses in the Pestalozzi Children's Village were required to perform daily activities related to hygiene in them. Along with the participants their supervisors were also placed in the houses, from all participating countries, which catered for children.

Stay in the Pestalozzi Children's Village was a great opportunity for the children of our country to learn about a different culture, habits and acquire newSummerCamp2015 knowledge, to have the opportunity to discuss the currently topical issues with children from other countries and to expand their horizons. For the importance of this witness positive impressions of this year's participants. What marked this residence is a cross-cultural friendship is worth it CED cultivate and promote posojano through its operations. What marked this residence is a cross-cultural friendship which is worth that CED cultivate and promote consistently through its operations.

Declarations from the participants:

“As i have attended a few camps, I can say this one was the best. Even though we had 6h of course time, we had a lot of free time. It was fun living in mixed houses because you meet new people from different countries and also practice your  English. The houses were clean and well equiped. There were 5 courses to choose from, each with  a different  theme. We all had obligations in the house for the day, devided in groups we had to clean, wash dishes, get the food. Overall it was a very nice experience.” Marko Krstevski,participant.

“This trip was not like other ordinary trips, was full of experience and entertainment. Everything was perfect, the camp, socially and living together with children from different countries and by the courses, lectures, activities and games that I used to participate. This was the best opportunity that was given to me in life and this experience will be unforgettable.” Hava Hyseni, Participant from Skopje


"The camp was completely new and unforgettable to me. I met many people with whom I stayed in contact. I'm already richer knowledge on various topics through workshops and sharing experiences. At the same time I learned a lot about other countries and their cultures that contribute camp to be a unique experience for me. " Marjana Asprovska participant.


“I was asked: "How was the Summer Camp?" and all those memories came like a flashlight.Waking up in a room with friends from Moldova,Ukraine and Serbia.Having breakfast together. After that it's course time. Activities between your course team. I chose LBGT&Gender, beside: Migration, Interculture, Child rights and Conflict Transformation. What can I say? Theory through games. Through motivational conversations and honest laughs.Then comes the tastiest lunch ever. And after a few hours of free time, it's course time again.So, you are privileged to have it twice a day.Use that chance, invest your potential because it's worth it.At the end, each of you will have wished you served higher and laughed a little louder.” Matea Mirsinova, participant