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Promotion of Children rights in Macedonia

BallinaDrejtaCenter for education and development - CED in partnership with coalition SEGA, and with big support of Children foundation Pestalozzi Switzerland together with the students of primary school from Tetovo region, through some activities with mark the week of children’s. The idea of this project starts in august 2015 was organized summer camp in Struga with topic “Children rights” and “intercultural corporation” with participating of children with age from 14-16 from some cities from Macedonia. The team from Tetovo plans to realize 4 activities in 4 working days from 05-09 October 2015.

Within this week will be the separating of the leaflets and reading of the Declaration for the Children Rights in front of a lot of students, Parents and Teachers of the Region. The second day its planned “Exhibit and Flashmob” description of the Children rights via pictures. 

Will be presented the best works of the students from 4 schools and one small stand where the participants will have the chance to donate toys and other things for the children’s with disabilities which will be visited next day. 

The 3rd day group of the students will do visit of the center for children with disabilities and expressions of feelings that and they are part of our friendship and don’t have to feel isolated. Whereas like end of this activities will be organized sport activities where the topic of this activity will be via intercultural corporation via sport, where 8 primary schools from Tetova region will participate volleyball teams where there will be prices (cups) for the 1st, 2nd , 3rd and certificates for the participating.


According to Xhezire Aliti coordinator of the project notes that "Given the massive violation of the right to life and violation of children's rights” The general assembly of the United States, announced on 20th of November, 1959 “Statement of the Children Rights. From this date, 20th of November is announced a day of the children rights. In the name of the children’s of Tetova region with some cultural activities will be part of the activities around the world to mark the week of the children week with motto “children’s with same rights, for one better tomorrow” – notes she.

Full declaration:

  • "To inform the children’s for their rights, through games and joy
  • All citizens including here and the children’s, to understand the life rights of children’s based on convention of the child rights
  • To develop positive attitudes on the children right case and prevent their violation
  • To respect and protect those rights in the everyday life;
  • And to develop intercultural communication between people that live together in the Macedonia.

We invite you to support, we want from the others to respect and to not violate those rights.

To make known to the society that our rights, are their future. Together to show them the importance of the children’s in society.

Be part of our activities, for our rights, for one bright future!"