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Get employed through YES Network!

per-lajm-webCenter for education and development supported by USAID in March 2012 will implement the eight moduled tarining within the YES network, aimed at preparing young people to enhance the employability skills.

The project targets students in their final year in the secondary schools, both Vocational Education and Training (VET) schools and gymnasiums, unemployed youth registered with the government Employment Service Agency (ESA), and, out-of-school, unemployed and unregistered youth.
Implementation of the project in the Municipality of Tearce, will be at the  period from 9 to 12 March 2012. Training will be interactive. Participants who successfully will attend training will receive certificates. Training will be held by persons who have attended specialized training in this special issue of American trainers.


The main 7 modules of the curriculum include:

  • Personal Development: identifying values & interests; assessing attributes & skills; identifying learning styles & learning strategies; goal setting, planning & tracking progress .
  • Appropriate Workplace Behaviors:  identifying and practicing workplace behaviors most often sought after by local employers.
  • Communication Skills:  communicating in a work environment including: listening and speaking effectively; leading and working in teams; communication with the supervisors, co-workers and customer care.
  • Teamwork and Leadership: Working in team; leading others; giving and receiving feedback.
  • Job Seeking Skills: including learning about the local labor market; job searching skills, how to write an effective CV; preparing a cover letter; job-interviewing skills;
  • Safety, Rights and Responsibilities at work place: staying safe and healthy at work and in daily life; knowing and understanding rights and responsibilities of workers and employers.
  • Financial Skills: developing the budgeting, savings and planning skills that help youth manage their income and expenses.

More information about the call:

All intersted should send APLICATION LETTER completed to this email adress: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.