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ECO Seminar, 2012

BallinaEKOmedOn 6 and 7 October in the framework of the project "Clean environment – Healthy future" it was implemented the two daily seminar, which was aimed to raise awareness amongst of youth and local leaders to save the environment.

The seminar in question brought many activists and local leaders who implement environmental activities for years and working in the field of ecology, so that all we live in a much cleaner and healthier environment.

The first part of the workshop dealt with various presentations concerning the laws and different concepts for the protection of nature and animals 2fotoEKomedin Macedonia and abroad. Within this there were presentations by representatives of the Macedonian Ecological Society. All this was implemented in an interactive and debate.

Important element of the workshop was the presentation of the documentary to Sharr Mountain, by director Arben Thaçi entitled "A Beam Over Sharr". The documentary in question promotes natural beauty which possess Sharr and that very few people have the knowledge.

Within the workshop was also conducted workshops aimed at activation, compilation of different ideas which in the future can be realized in the region of the Municipality of Tearce.

This project is funded by the Macedonian Ecological Society and the German Foundation DBU and Euronatur, and is implemented by the Centre for Education and Development.


More photos: HERE