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Youth Council in Municipality of Tearce

BallinaKeshillRCoalition of youth organizations SEGA in partnership with the Centre for Education and Development (CED) and in collaboration with the Municipality of Tearce, began with the implementation of the project "Establishment of the Youth Council in the Municipality of Tearce".

This project is funded by the General Secretary of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. This project aims to increase youth participation in the decision-making and policy-making processes through the establishment of functional mechanisms of the institutions under the Local Administration in the municipality of Tearce.

What is the Youth Council?

The Youth Council is a formal advisory body established by the Council of the Municipality that focuses on the active involvement of youth in public life and at the

foto1KeshillRinor same time, their participation on the process of decision making and policy making.

Why a Youth Council?

• The youth in Macedonia face weaker youth structures;

•  There is an insufficient presence of youth issues in Local Administration;

• There is a lack of financial support to youth development and participation;

• Young people are unable to use their capacities and contribute to improving their situation in society;

• The inability of youth to express their problems and needs in their society;

• The active participation of the youth will enable much easier identification of the needs of youth and finding possible solutions.

Some of the functions of the Youth Council are:

• To prepare reports of own responsibilities and, the problems of youth;

• To organize seminars, lectures, debates, campaigns, events and other activities;

• To establish and coordinate the Youth Parliament in the municipality of Tearce;

• To provide suggestions to the Municipal Council for making concrete decisions;

• To propose decisions to the Municipal Council, programs and other acts that are important for the youth  of the Municipality.


As part of this project in the municipality of Tearce the Youth Parliament will work to enable the active participation of youth in the public life at a local level. Youth Parliament is a forum through which young people can express their opinions and their decisions about issues that are relevant to them.

Who can be member of the Youth Council and Youth Parliament?

Young people, ages 15-25 years or young people ages 15-30 years who are inhabitants of the Municipality of Tearce, young people who are representatives of non-governmental organizations, youth associations, the youth of higher educational organizations, student parliaments / student unions , youth forums of political parties, as well as other forms of registered youth organizations.

The next steps of the process of the creation of the Youth Council and Youth Parliament in the Municipality of Tearce, will be provided through the official websites of the network- SEGA, www.sega.org.mk and the CED organization, www.ced.org.mk

Pictures from the activities >>HERE<<