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Commissions for Inter ethnic Relations (CIIR)

IRZ_foto2The joint action of CDI and nine partner organizations- involvement in local ethnic communities. Association of Community Development Institute (CDI), is going to implement the project, "The Involvement of Local Ethnic Communities",

which is supported by the civil society USAID, realized by the Open Society Foundation in Macedonia.

The project aims to ensure continuity of the Commissions for Interethnic Relations (CIIR) after the local elections of 2013. Short-term objectives of the project are:

  • To increase the skills and knowledge for representation and lobbying of civil society organizations, working to advance relations between communities;
  • To represent the newly elected municipal authorities for a transparent procedure of appointing new committees for interethnic relations, and
  • To encourage the work of the newly established Commission for relations between ethnic groups.

The project is implemented in partnership with nine civilian organizations as the Center for Community-Kichevo, Association for Development and Activism "Aqua" - Struga, Centre for Rural Development "Buyrum" - Kumanovo, Center for Education and Development- Tearce, Association for developing and advancing the status of women in contemporary social processes in Macedonia "Woman’s Action" - Skopje, Association for Economic Development "Adora"- Tetovo, Association for development of the Roma’s community, "Sumnal"- Skopje, The Foundation for development of Local community- Shtip, Youth Cultural Center in Bitola.

Geographical scope of the project is in the 30 municipalities of the Republic of Macedonia, as 19 municipalities with over 20% of the population which is a specificIRZ_foto2 ethnic community as,(Chair, Sopishte, Butel, Shuto Orizari, Zelenikovo, Petrovac, Kumanovo, Chucher Sandevo, Tetovo, Jegunovce, Brvenica, Mavrovo, Rostushe, Debar, Struga, Kichevo, Krushevo, Dolneni, Chashka) and the City of Skopje, as well as 10 municipalities with a significant number of communities that have a positive experience in creation of CIIR’s on a voluntary basis (for example: Konche, Karbinci, Studenicani, Gostivar, Tearce Center Zhupa, Vrapcishte, etc.).

Activities planned for the implementation of the project:

  • Organizing a two day workshop for partner organizations for representation and lobbying;
  • Holding a  direct meeting with the newly elected local authorities;
  • Identifying  members of the new members of the committee for relations between communities;
  • Preparating  the e-report on the establishment and launch of the new mandate of CIIR.

The target groups of the project are the leaders of the 30 mayors and municipal councils, coordinators groups, political parties and representatives of local civil society organizations working in the field of improving relations between communities.

As a result of this project a network of civil society organizations will be established which will attempt to improve relations between ethnic communities at the local level.

The project is going to be implemented between March and July, 2013.