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"Shar Mountain is our treasure..."

ballinaMEd13Shar Mountain is our national treasure,..Let's protect it together! Is the message that is guiding the project implemented by CED with financial assistance of the Macedonian Ecological Society, Euronatur and GIZ of Germany? The project was implemented in several phases.

In the first phase, we set up info tables’ to the locality Three Waters, this is a tourist area that is of particular importance for the local population and is quite well known and visited. Being located in deep forest with an altitude of 1320. And is about 18 km away air from Tetovo was necessary to mark the road with visible signposts.

For this purpose CED prepared and placed 9 info boards from which one board with message, info and pictures of the bfoto1medeauties of Sara and 8 boards that were placed in the way of Tearce and Leshok till Three Waters to Lead the Way with guides and decorated with animals that are prevalent in Shara. After several days Eco Picnic was organized which was attended by locals, hikers, hunters and employees of Municipality of Tearce.

Presents on the picnic had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the locality Three Waters and focused on the development and protection of the site that the joint venture effort and can easily become a famous tourist destination. It also discusses the declaration of Sara Mountain as a national park which participants were unanimous that it was a good decision for the conservation of natural resources in this region.

In the main road Tetovo – Jazince in the entry of Tearce there is builded a billboard by the municipality in which CED putted a banner in 3 languages (Albanian, Macedonian and Turkish) with images of natural beauty, flora and fauna of Shara Mountain. The message reads: Shar Planina is our wealth, to protect together!

It is intended to be seen by as many people and to encourage thinking how we locals can take care of the natural beauty.

To explore further and find out the opinion of the population about the idea of Sara Mountain as a National Park we conducted a survey in which we asked a few questions to people who are concerned about this issue and have a greater knowledge like mountaineers, game warden, foresters, employees in the municipality etc... The results of the questionnaire will be presented in Eco Week and this will be the first activity that will be presented and the results will open a serious debate and will plan guidelines for action in the future.