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Jens, second volunteer from Germany

JensBallinaJens Wiebe, the second volunteer who comes from Germany and for one year will be involved in the organization Centre for Education and Development - CED within Weltwaerts German program and cooperation with the sending organization Friedenskreis from Hale. Find out why he chose CED and Macedonia? Facing the different cultures? What are his expectations?

In the question why he chose CED, Jens answers:  “After it was clear to me that I want do a voluntary year, I started my research on the Internet for a project where I can be active in youth and sports. During this research I found Friedenskreis-Halle, who is now my sending-organization, and the description of CED. Which sounded good for me and I recognized that I knew nearly nothing about Macedonia. So I took the chance to get knowledge of people and country”.

Facing with the different cultures: “Of course I want to extend my knowledge of different cultures and the view on differences and similarities of those. It is one reason for why I left my country for one year and now take place in a, for me, foreign environment.?

First impressions: “Naturally I got so many impressions of this country, Tearce and the people, that it is difficult to put this into words. But what I can say byJensfoto1 now that I met a lot of friendly people and saw a lot of thing that are new for me. But I am happy and feel welcome here.”

How he will contribute in CED and in society: “Right now the plan is to form a group for women´s football, here and in Dobroste, to create free time activities for girls and giving them a chance to participate in public life. But this is just one project, time will show what else there will be”.

He s expectations: ” My expectation of this type of volunteering is to participate in a useful way, to get an exchange of cultures and of course to have a good time here in Tearce.”

Thus the cooperation with Friedenskreis Hale started in 2011 after a visit by representatives of the organization in Macedonia and CED.

The organization is one of the few organizations in the Balkans that is accepting volunteers supported by the German government programme Weltwaerts.

This cooperation deepens and the next year the young people of this region will able to volunteer in Germany as a result of the program Nord Sud.