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CED, New challenges for Sarah

saraaSarah Steube is the third volunteer that comes from Germany and will serve as volunteer at Center for education and development-CED in Tearce. This cooperation with Friedenskreis (Hale) started in 2011 within the German programme for voluntary services around the world, Weltwaerts. Find out why she chose to volunteer.. 

How you decided to come to Macedonia and why you chose CED?

I came to CED through my sending organization “Friedenskreis Hale”, because I wanted to volunteer in the cultural sector. I am really happy, that I am in CED now. There is a very familiar atmosphere and I think I will fit in quite well.

How you plan to deal with the different cultures?

I try to get to know as much of the cultures as possible.  But of course there will be some things that for me as a foreigner are difficult to understand, for example the conflict between the ethnics. I am trying to judge not too quickly and to create workshops where both ethnics are included.

What is your general impression for these few days?

Tearce is a really beautiful place, even if there is a lot of pollution. I like that there is always someone on the street or sitting in cafés and that everything is much more personal than in Germany, for example the many small stores. There is a really warm and friendly atmosphere.  Many things are still very unfamiliar to me, especially the way of organizing things.

How you will contribute in CEDs activities?

At the beginning I want to support the other members and take part at their workshops. Furthermore I am planning to continue with the renovating of the room for the youth club and later on I want to start with theater and ecological workshops and with German courses.

What is your expectation from the volunteering?

For me volunteering is a good way to gain new experiences, to get another point of view and to get to know another culture. It is a great opportunity to leave the old ways and gain more independency. I hope that I can also bring in some of my experiences during my stay, so it can be an exchange with positive outcome for both sides.

banerSaRACEDPicture from the first meeting with members of CED