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Traveling Exhibition

foto_expo_med_2015Wednesday 22nd of April 2015 within the Day of Planet of Earth, beginning at 16:00 in the hall of primary school "Kiril Pejcinovic" in Tearce, will open the exhibition "Wild Plants of my country". This is an original exhibition that travels with drawings and photographs from children herbarium volunteers (elementary school children, climbers, wild plant collector, entuzijast etc.) all united in the project: "Relevance of people with nature - strengthening networks civil society in Macedonia ". The project was developed by the Macedonian Ecological Society and Plantlife UK and is financed by the EU.

Its main goal is to improve capacities of national and local organizations to engage Macedonian citizens as volunteers for the protection of nature; undertaking actions which could help towards the implementation of the EU regulations for the protection of the Natura 2000 network.

The project is implemented in several regions of the country, by local partners.

The purpose of this project is to strengthen the capacity of local organizations that work with volunteers to protect nature, especially in the field of conservation of plants and taking actions which will contribute to the implementation of EU rules to maintain network Natura 2000. Visitors will have the opportunity to see wild plants that we know and we use every day, as well as others that are recognized as the queen of kingdoms in the Sharr Mountain and Mount Ilinska - Plakenska. The host of the exhibition will be the Centre for Education and Development - CED - Tearce. CED is part of a team of local organizations from Macedonia who understand the power of education for nature conservation and development of volunteer teams in five local schools around Shara. These volunteers are a great example of how education can create a strong and dedicated volunteer.

The imagination and the enthusiasm of the volunteers as well as the public interest inspired us to invite 3 other local project partners (CED – Center for Education and Development from Tearce; Mountaineering Club “Ljuboten” from Tetovo and the Ecological Society “Grasnica” from Ohrid) and to expand the initial display with some photos made by the volunteers from the region of Sharra Mountain and the Ohrid side of Ilinska-Plakenska Mountain. So, the exhibition became a traveling one.

Informative-entertaining coloring book will be produced, based on spiritual heritage, the forgotten tradition – songs and customs on certain holydays in the region related to wild plants.