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In the soul of Latinovac

22851372 2442838019275129 233505934 oMy name is Flakron Durmish. I am a graduate student in Economics. I participated in a European Volunteer Program in a small village called Latinovac in the country of Croatia. I will share with you my experience. In this village there are 70 inhabitants, and I was able to meet all of them. It was exciting for me to see how they live. I was impressed because as I watched them. I realized their lifestyle is very difficult. This made me reflect on my life and my way of thinking about the way we live and how we grow our food and how we eat.

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In this village the people grow their food organically, which is a healthier way to grow food. They are also kind and loving towards each other.

I stayed in the village for one month. I had to access to stores or coffee bars. This was a positive experience for me.

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I learned many things while I was there. I learned to build with natural, local resources, how to compost, about farming, and how to make rakia, which is an                            alcohol made from plums. I also learned the value in caring for the environment around us.

I also presented a project which represented the country I am from. I prepared traditional Macedonian food. In doing this I learned to cook vegetarian and vegan food.               This taught me how to work in the kitchen and how to cook and bake for 30 people.

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Because of all that I learned, I am thankful to the organization “Center for Education and Development.” They gave me this opportunity to go on this project.                          Also, I am thankful for the receiving organization, “Eco Center Latinovac”. 

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prepared by:

Flakron Durmishi