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Career Counseling Training

groupFotoSVGCenter for education and development - CED in cooperation with the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG), within the project "Rural Development through Integrated Management of Water Products and Resources in Southeast Europe: Rural Perspective: Qualifications, Reintegration and (Self) Employment" implemented the two two-day Career Counseling training for 40 participants from Tetovo and the Pollog region.

Within this two - day trainings (duration of two days each) entitled Career Counseling covering the following topics: Personal development, Communication skills and Job seeking skills.   

The first training was, 27-28 October 2017 and the second 4th and 5th November 2017. In total 40 participants participated and successfully finished the entire training. Firstly we went through introduction of the training, where the trainers, the coordinator and the representative from donor/partner presented their selves and we continued with presentation of programme we prepared for two working days. We planned to cover 4 modules, Introduction module, Personal development, Communication skills and Job seeking skills. In the frame of the Introduction module we passed through introducing the participants and expectations for the training, we established rules of group and we talked about how confidence between members of the group is important. Also, we had good debate in the exercise called “barometer”, where they took different positions according to their beliefs.

Second day of the training started with team building exercises and with repetition of the first day, in short points. Afterwards we continued with communication skills module, with verbal and non-verbal communication and with exercises about how important is the process of giving and accepting instruction in communication. Before coffee break we finish the communication skills module and we introduced the job seeking skills module, the last one. In the frame of this module we went through searching information for possible employment, how to write CV and Motivational letter and through techniques of job interview. We discussed thoroughly these topics, especially on how to prepare a good CV and motivational letter. We simulated also two job interviews where we talked what is good and what you should not do/say at job interview. We closed the day with brief presentations of the measures of Government of RM about employment and self-employment.

In the evaluation some of the comments were: great methods of implementation, we missed training like this; we need more trainings for soft skills in the future: this kind of skills we can’t get in school or University so you are the best possibility for youth in Tetovo and region. We didn’t delivered certificates to the first group, because we planned the certification ceremony to be held in final day of the second training, where all participants will gather together and share the experience.    

Declaration from the participants:

“Coincidentally I applied and participated on the training. I liked the way of work and the different topics that were treated, which are needed on all aspects of daily life. It was very connected with the psychology, which makes me to be more prepared as my future profession.” Njomza Beqiri 

“The training was something that pushed the limits of my understanding for seminars and trainings. It was very well organized starting from the logistics, and it offered a great opportunity for interaction and expression of our opinion. The title of the training was disassembled in large depth. In few words, the training, for me, offered a new way of perceiving human interaction at large and informed me how should I see and approach the phases of applying for work.” Riste Saveski

“I am happy that I was part of this training which is very meaningful to all young people from the region. I think this knowledge I will apply and it will be the voice of change. I met new people with common ideas and I hope we will work for a more developed region.  Everything was ok, I hope I have chance to participate in similar training.”  Lavdrim Zendeli

“It was great experience. The training helped me to see differently the communication with other people. The method of training was very efficient and the time management was great. The group work helped me to learn more. Everything was perfect” Elmedina Ajdini

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