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Completed projects

My EVS experience in Croatia

22851555 2442837609275170 114378416 oI participated in a short-term EVS in Croatia, precisely in Latinovac. The first day when I arrived there I was thinking “Oh this is the smallest village in the world, how will I be here and live for two months”.

But how days were passing that small village step by step got into my heart.

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The role of CSO’s in promoting civic participation

metinMA democratic society can’t be developed at all its levels unless it enables full involvement of all interested parties. Active citizen participation means an individual or group action, with a view to identifying and addressing issues of public interest. Civic participation is a process where citizens organize themselves and their goals at the practical level and work together, whether at the individual level or through civil society organizations, to influence decision-making processes.

Participation in decision-making processes means opportunities for citizens, civic organizations and other stakeholders for being influenced the development of policies and laws that affect them. The concept of citizen participation dating from antiquity. The evidence of the writing of civic participation dates back to the seventh and eighth centuries B.C in ancient Greece. Participation in the assemblies of these governing units was open for all free citizens. Citizens' assemblies were called for the purpose of debating, achieving consensus and democratic decision-making.

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Младинска размена во Турција

Во Анкара на 2 и 8 декември 2017 година се одржа Еразмус + проектот- младински размена , кој беше финансирана од Европската комисија и Националната агенција на Турција. Во проектот спроведен со 25 учесници од Турција, Бугарија, Грција, Романија и Македонија: тие работеа на ефектите од здравата исхрана за здрав живот.

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Beans Day 2017 - 8th Edition

fotoDitaGroshes2Every year, the Center for Education and Development (CED) brings the community together by celebrating one of the region’s most popular crops, beans. Not only does Beans Day celebrate the tradition and popularity of beans in the Polog region, but it also celebrates the cultures of the region. Hundreds of people from the region, the country, and abroad, came out to enjoy themselves in the sun for the day. One of the CED Volunteers, Yllza Eshtrefi, commented that the best part was “that there were lots of people from different places” and that she “enjoyed seeing their art and presentations,” adding, “also the food!”

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Career Counseling Training

groupFotoSVGCenter for education and development - CED in cooperation with the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG), within the project "Rural Development through Integrated Management of Water Products and Resources in Southeast Europe: Rural Perspective: Qualifications, Reintegration and (Self) Employment" implemented the two two-day Career Counseling training for 40 participants from Tetovo and the Pollog region.

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In the soul of Latinovac

22851372 2442838019275129 233505934 oMy name is Flakron Durmish. I am a graduate student in Economics. I participated in a European Volunteer Program in a small village called Latinovac in the country of Croatia. I will share with you my experience. In this village there are 70 inhabitants, and I was able to meet all of them. It was exciting for me to see how they live. I was impressed because as I watched them. I realized their lifestyle is very difficult. This made me reflect on my life and my way of thinking about the way we live and how we grow our food and how we eat.

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Summer Camp, Trogen 2017

foto Trogen 2017 3165 children from 6 countries had the chance to be part of the intercultural exchange project in Children’s Village Pestalozzi , Switzerland. One of this countries was Macedonia, 40 children from Macedonia lived together with children from Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Moldova, Russia and Switzerland during two weeks, they were all separated into mixed Nationality groups and lived in one of sixteen houses, where they had to do different house tasks like washing dishes and clothes, cleaning, bringing food from the kitchen to the houses etc.

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CED part of youth exchange in Turkey

fotoEVSCenter for education and Development took part at the Intercultural youth exchange in Duzce, Turkey with 6 participants and a Trainer. 44 youth from 5 European countries and Turkey joined the project that was named as Don’t Burn Your Future (Geleceğini Yakma in Turkish) which was organised on 01-09 July 2017 in Düzce, supported by European Union and Turkish National Agency.

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Chess tournament, 7th Edition

ShahGrupFotoOn 6th of May 2017 for seven years in a row, with the initiative of Center for education and development-CED and the local Chess Association “Blini Park”(Dobroshte) it was organized the regional tournament in Chess. This activity is supported by CED and it’s implemented within the cultural yearly programme.

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BE INFORMED – PROPOSE! Be part of budgeting!

cover bogovineCenter for Education and Development – CED in the frame of the project “Improving the involvement of the women in local decision – making processes”, on 24th of April 2017 in Village Park of Bogovine, organized informative – consultative campaign with women’s in Municipality of Bogovine, which was financially supported from UN Women – Macedonia.

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Debate “Orange the world"- HeForShe

08.11.2015, Centre for Education and Development (CED) in collaboration with the UNDP Skopje and the State University of Tetovo (SUT) on 03.12.2015 organized debate within the campaign of the European Union and the United Nations "Orange the World": The campaign will include a series of activities designed to "Color the world in orange: Put an end to violence against women and girls" including lighting Stone Bridge in Skopje in orange light, forming a large orange ribbon of the present people, people from different walks of life will nose orange to express their support and also a series of debates with students across the country.

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Henrike, new German volunteer in CED

henrikeHenrike Benjes is the fourth volunteer, which for a one year will be engaged in organization Center for Education and Development CED. It is sent by the organization Friedenskreis Halle (Germany), which is a partner organization of the CED, and comes from the city of Bremen, Germany. Her previous experience is participation and leadership, groups and workshops with children camps and schools in Germany, as well as experience for mediation, conflict resolution among young people in schools. This cooperation with Germany began in 2011, and is aimed exchanging positive experiences of German youth and their contribution to the organization and the wider society in Macedonia.
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Traveling Exhibition

foto_expo_med_2015Wednesday 22nd of April 2015 within the Day of Planet of Earth, beginning at 16:00 in the hall of primary school "Kiril Pejcinovic" in Tearce, will open the exhibition "Wild Plants of my country". This is an original exhibition that travels with drawings and photographs from children herbarium volunteers (elementary school children, climbers, wild plant collector, entuzijast etc.) all united in the project: "Relevance of people with nature - strengthening networks civil society in Macedonia ". The project was developed by the Macedonian Ecological Society and Plantlife UK and is financed by the EU.

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Presenting the budgetary transparency

BuxhetskiMonballinaOn 18th February 2015 (Wednesday) in Tetovo were presented the findings of the Quarterly monitoring of budgetary transparency of Municipalities of Tetovo, Bogovinje, Tearce, Jegunovce, Zhelina and Brvenica. 

This project is implemented by the Center for Economic Analysis (CEA) and FORUM Center for Strategic Research and Documentation in cooperation with the Youth Alliance from Tetovo and CED from Tearce and supported by the Delegation of the European Union in Macedonia. 

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Apply for training in CED

psoterTrajnimENG-ballina201511.02.2015, Center for Education and Development-CED is organizing 4 day training for improving soft skills and promoting activism. Be part of this training and gain new knowledge for your further personal and professional development. The training will be conducted by key persons from CED.


Within these trainings, youth from 16-26 years of age can learn these topics: Individual development, communication, leadership, youth activism and volunteerism.

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CED, New challenges for Sarah

saraaSarah Steube is the third volunteer that comes from Germany and will serve as volunteer at Center for education and development-CED in Tearce. This cooperation with Friedenskreis (Hale) started in 2011 within the German programme for voluntary services around the world, Weltwaerts. Find out why she chose to volunteer.. 

How you decided to come to Macedonia and why you chose CED?

I came to CED through my sending organization “Friedenskreis Hale”, because I wanted to volunteer in the cultural sector. I am really happy, that I am in CED now. There is a very familiar atmosphere and I think I will fit in quite well.

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Apply for emPower 2015

empower14CED announces a call for applications for one (1) EMPOWER student for 2015, which is held every year in the period of 8 months in Trogen, Switzerland. All students motivated to increase their capacities in Intercultural Education, living together in Children’s Village Pestalozzi Trogen Switzerland, and seriously engaged in activities aimed at promoting peace and protection of Children’s rights now can apply to a eight month course called EMPOWER which is implemented in Switzerland.

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Apply for volunteering in TAM, Germany

ballinaTAMCenter for education and development “CED” in cooperation with “Theater Am Markt” Germany announces the engagement of a person (volunteer) for a period of one year in the city of Eisenach, Germany. “Theater Am Markt” is an alternative institution established in 2006 and through amateur theater are treated various topics from social to individual skill increase. 

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Public debate for the strategy

ballina_Debatmkm25.02.2014, The Tearce citizens had chance to give their opinion about the draft strategy for dealing with the climate change in the region of municipality of Tearce. This important document covers three values that were identified by the working groups, and after the vision, goals and several measures were identified.

This project in local level is implemented by the Centre for Education and Development-CED in partnership with the Municipality of Tearca and support from Milieukontakt Macedonia, USAID project "Municipal Strategy for Climate Change."

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