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Completed projects

Promoting children rights, 2nd Event

foto_JavaCenter for Education and Development - CED in cooperation with Children’s foundation Pestalozzi and the Coalitions of youth organizations SEGA in the frame of the project “Promoting children rights and intercultural communication “ 05 December 2014 (Friday) in the premises of the primary school “ Kiril Pejcinoviq “ – Tearce, it was organized tournament in volleyball between the  five primary school that are part of the municipality of Tearce.

Aim of this tournament was with reveal character, to promote Children rights and intercultural communication than competitors. In this tournament those primary schools from the municipality of Tearce toke part: "Eqrem Cabej", "Ismail Qemali", "Faik Konica" and "Kiril Pejcinoviq". The teams were mixed in ethnic aspects and also in gender aspect.

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Beans Day, 5th Edition

ballinaDitagroshe2014This event aims to raise awareness of the public about the value of the bean crop, and to achieve economic benefits by increasing its sales and production. Also aim is the promotion of distinctive hallmark of this region. 

Efforts to brand the famous varieties of beans - from Tetovo. Like every year, the event is organized by the NGO CED, but this year as the main supporters were SWG, through their development program Shara region and also provide support and Municipality of  Tearce.

The program was rich with a variety of activities in which visitors could enjoy and spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Tearce.

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Local youth strategy approved

FotoStrategjiBallina31.10.2014, With the majority votes of the Council of the Municipality of Tearce was approved the "Local youth development strategy of the Municipality Tearce ".

This project was implemented by the organization Centre for Education and Development (CED) in collaboration with the Municipality of Tearce and financial support of UNDP (Programme for United Nations Development) and the Agency for Youth and Sport within the government of Republic of Macedonia.

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Signing the joint vision

foto1SharrMESRepresentatives of the Centre for Education and Development - CED participate in drafting and signing of a common vision for cross-border protection Shara, Korab and Deshat, a project implemented by the Macedonian Ecological Society in partnership with associations Finch PPNEA from Albania and Kosovo.

The three ministers of environment from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, along with Austrian ambassador and German Deputy Ambassador of Macedonia signed a joint vision for the proposed transboundary protected area “Shar Mountain – Korab”. The vision was part of a project implemented by MES with two more NGOs from Albania and Kosovo under coordination of EuroNatur.

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Beans Day 2013

ballinaDGFor the fourth time in a row NGO Center for Education and Development  - CED Tearce , in cooperation with Municipality of Tearce and Milieukontact Macedonia organized the manifestation Beans Day.

The goal of this manifestation is through creative way promoting beans as most famous polog’s culture and food. Also as a goal we have ,to start think about branding beans which means protecting, and that means more economic efficiency for beans farmers.

The whole event started with a debate to discuss the branding of beans and problems faced by farmers who grow beans, as well as its economic viability.

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Theater am Markt in Tearce

TAM_fotoProbabaly everyones attention got caught by the big group of Germans passing through Tearce and wondering what are they doing here. The German group of the Theater am Markt is doing a 3 daily theatre workshop with  people from the municipality of Tearce. The workshop is organized in cooperation with the NGO Center for Education and Development, which cares about everything around the workshop.

The topic of the workshop is improvisational theatre. Further was the time used to present the people from abroad  the special places of the region; for example had some people the chance to see a mosque for the first time from inside and Leshok impressed with it´s beautiful landscape a monastery as well. This trips opened the the opportunity over the workshop time beyond, to share cultural experiences and get in an exchange.

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Creation of the National Youth Council

BannerKESHILLrinorSince August 2012, the Center for Education and Development (CED) is included in the "Republic of Youth" network, which has 59 participating organizations, and with time has grown into an initiative for the creation of the National Youth Council of the Republic of Macedonia.

This is supported by networks such as the Association of Supervisors, Red Cross of Macedonia and the European Youth Forum.

All organizations are committed to promoting youth organization and to distributing the youth voice by creating a platform for youth interests. The platform intends to foster youth participation and influence in decision-making at all levels in the country.

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Youth - Promoters of intercultural dialogue!

sega_f3In the period from August to December 2012 was implemented the project "Promoting Intercultural Dialogue between young people in the Republic of Macedonia". The project was implemented by the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, and supported from The Swiss Foundation of the SDC.

The aim is to contribute to the stimulation of the young people from the Republic of Macedonia to be active promoters of the coexistence and intercultural tolerance. As part of this project encompassed Municipality of Tearce, Tetovo, Ohrid, Struga, Prilep.  CED had the task to coordinates the activities of municipality of Tearce, and this included:

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The campaign about employment: DARE!

Kampanja-FOTOOn July 31, 2012 in Tetovo, after one year of training within the project ALTIO, a press conference it was held  through which officially the campaign titled: Dare! Give us the right knowledge was promoted.

In this event except the project coordinators, youth from CED organizations, present were representatives from the Employment Agency, local authorities and other representatives of the partner organizations. Durign the conference were promoted measures that should receive representatives of rural municipalities as well as the Employment Agency.

Young people are creating!-Young People Are Asking!

Ballina-PipkyetjeOn 16th May 2012, one month after the official launching of the campaign "Information right now" the Pan-European Campaign Action Day themed "Young People Are Asking" to design question marks with young people was organized by the CED.

The Centre for Education and Development in Tearce also supported this Pan-European activity within the campaign "Information Right Now!" The event was held in the secondary school in Municipality of Tearce, where young people creatively prepared a question mark and had an opportunity to write questions concerning youth in three different languages (Macedonian, Albanian and English).

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Information right now!-Young people are asking!

ballina-takim_me_keshilltarOn 17 of april on the occassion of european campaign “Young people are asking – Information right NOW, CED which is member of coalition of organizations SEGA organized a meeting with the Municipality Councelers.

Information right NOW! is European campaign implemented by ERYICA in partnership with the Council of Europe. The campaign aims to bring forward to young people, decision-makers and media young people’s right to ask and to receive information.

The campaign will involve three key topics: social inclusion of young people; Democracy, including e-Democracy; Living together in diverse societies.

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Certification ceremony, YES network

YES-Ballina-sertifikatOn May 5th 2012, 24 participants were awarded with certification for successfully completing the training cycle of the project  Youth Employability Skills -YES Network supported by USAID and Education development centre(EDC).
The training was designed for all young people who are not employed and not involved  in education  process. Some of the project objectives were to facilitate Public-Private Dialogue that will improve demand-supply labor exchange at the local level and strengthen the job services capacity of ESA and private job matching companies to ensure trained youth have access to up-to-date information on job openings and career development opportunities.

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We learn to live with differences, Trogen 2011

DSCN2726Pestalozzi Childrens Foundation based in Trogen, which is located 20 km near the town of Saint Galen. The village dates from 1946, and in the beginning it was intended, care of children who had lost their parents during World War II.

Was founded by Swiss writer and philosopher Robert Walter Korti and is named after Professor Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi. In the last decades in this place were implemented projects for intercultural exchanges.

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Certification ceremony, Basis of Youth Work


20 teachers and NGO activists from Municipality of Tearce  successfully finished the Basis in community youth work course.

CED  implements this Course as local partner with British Council in the frame of Active Citizens project. Equal opportunities & diversity, unemployment, multi-ethnic cooperation and environmental protection were the main focus fields in the frame of which the participants implemented their community projects as part of the Course.

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