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Info Club Tetovo 2020-2021

IClubfoto1Info Club, as part of the project "RISE" (Network for Resources, Information, Skills and Employability), financially supported by UNDP, since September has opened an office at the University of Southeast Europe, in Tetovo. This project will be implemented in cooperation with the University of Southeast Europe, specifically with the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences (SEEU), where students of this university will have the opportunity to receive information through the office, which is located in this faculty.  Within the project activities are foreseen information meetings with different opportunities for students, trainings on different topics, such as career development, training and self-employment and other.



What do we do?

Informing young unemployed people and students about opportunities for (self) employment, volunteering, internships and vocational training through employment measures and programs, support measures to create new jobs and increase the employability, information on additional training and retraining, mobility programs and vocational training provided by the ESA or other organizers.

Informing about the use of services and active programs and measures for employment of unemployed persons, information and advice in the field of labor legislation and participation in joint events together with young unemployed persons such as career fairs, live libraries, laboratories for social innovations, etc.

Connecting young people with employers, involving young people in non-formal eduployability of young people;

Information on vacancies, opportunities for non-formal education, capacity building to acquire soft and professional skills and employment.


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What is provided?

E-magazine, which will contain all the news, information and data related to the Info Club and which will be useful for every student. This format is planned to be published every two months during the one-year project duration.

The workshop "Conversation - coffee - exchange" will be part of the project, during which young people will have the opportunity to gather together for a conversation and share their experiences in the field of volunteering at home and abroad, as well as to be informed about the opportunities. of young people for training, exchange and student visits abroad.

Trainings for students - within the project, two trainings are planned, during the months of November and April, where any interested student will be able to participate. The trainings will be held by licensed persons.

The job fair in cooperation with the Career Center of the South East European University is also one of the points of the project and is expected to take place during the month of June.

How to find us?

South East European University - Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences, entrance 302 - second floor

For more information contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or follow us on our Facebook page @ InfoKlubiRinor-Tetovo