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Together for a Green Sharr

web coverCenter for Development and Education with the support of WWF Adria Croatia Foundation realize the project 'Together for a Green Sharr', from March 2021 to December 2021, aimed at the protection, care and development of Sharr Mountains, now officially announced in National Park category. The purpose of the project is to prevent damage to the environment, misuse of nature, illegal cutting of trees and environmental pollution.

Implementation of the goal will be achieved through environmental care through training of climbers, nature lovers, locals and volunteers who will participate in project activities for a greener Sharr. During the implementation of the project, eco-patrols will be realized who will take care of the environment in the Sharr Mountains. Eco-patrols will function according to the Action Plan and also through reports on nature damage to the emergency number that will be in operation within the project.

CED and  WWF Adria Croatia, on September 18-19, within the framework of the project, will organize training on environmental protection methods, protection from illegal cutting of wood, eco-patrols, and ecological activities.
For more information about the training, you find it in the link: https://www.facebook.com/ced.org.mk/posts/4724925850864811