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Training's on Career Counseling

coverInfotrajnimOn the dates 17, 18 and 24, 25 March 2017, at the State University of Tetovo was held a training on career counseling for university students and young unemployed people. The training was organized by Youth Info Club, which on itself is a program managed by Center for Education and Development-CED and supported by UNDP in Macedonia. Topics of the training were: personal development, communication skills, leadership and work in groups, employment skills, and appropriate behavior in the workplace.

Part of the training were 20 young high-spirited people, who were chosen among over 50 applicants. The high interest for this training was primarily due to the favorable and enthusiastic feedback coming from the last year participants, who made sure to pass on the good impression to their colleagues, but also due to the established position of the Youth Info Club as a reliable source of information and career counseling, in the framework of the University of Tetovo.

Since the first day, the training foreboded an effective path in meeting the goals of the training. The trainees were showing eager enjoyment, interest, and approval of the methods used in this day. The group dynamics was instantly set up, and everybody was given a chance to meet one another in a creative manner. Throughout the day, all participants were equally encouraged to participate in the various activities and interact in the discussions.

The second and third day, saw the participants get even more familiar with one another and be more relaxed when sharing their experiences and working together in groups. Participants were constantly put in alternating groups, and the teams were effectively refreshed with new people and ideas. This also gave each participant the chance to interact with everyone at least once. Trainees were coached on essential issues related to their future careers through games, and fun activities, which gave them the chance to think creatively and come to their own conclusions.

The last day was the most important day of the training, and it provided future professionals with concrete advice and tips regarding stages of employment, namely resumes, motivation letter, job interview, and appropriate behavior in the workplace. Trainees had the opportunity to learn by doing, as they were part of simulated job interviews, and were asked to give solutions to difficult fictional scenarios that employees might face in the workplace.

The feedback from participants was excellent, as everyone expressed their appreciation for the training, and acknowledged the way it had contributed in putting aside their old ideas and beliefs about the employment steps, and how it would help them in becoming better candidates on the competitive job market. They distinguished the methods and activities used in the training as highly effective, while the way the information was conveyed was evaluated as innovative, progressive, and fresh, in contrast to the formal methods of education. Besides, they expressed their motivation to participate in future trainings by the Youth Info Club, which they are looking forward to.

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