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CED, official member of NYC

f4b0901d7903fb721d8d9f6c53f01562efd9957c 174x156 Q75Since 28.02.2016 Center for Education and Development (CED) officially on the extraordinary meeting, became an official member of the National Youth Council of the Republic of Macedonia, which is the nation-wide umbrella organization representing organized youth in Macedonia together with other 67 NGO’s. The initiative started since August 2012 within “ Republic of Youth " network, which has 59 participating organizations, and with time has grown into an initiative for the creation of the National Youth Council of the Republic of Macedonia. Its mission is Independent, autonomous and inclusive youth sector representing young people in Macedonia. The mission of the NYCM is to represent the interests and needs of young people as a link to all relevant stakeholders, as well as to ensure the inclusion and active involvement of young people in the decision making processes on all levels.

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