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Throughout its history, Tearce has been a crossroads of several different cultures, traditions, and peoples. To this day, diversity colors Tearce and its surrounding localities. One can find all of Macedonia’s ethnicities, religions, and different types of people.

With such a mix of cultures, it is imperative to find common ground to foster cooperation and celebration of common traditions, beliefs, values, and experiences. As an organization with its own mix of members from different cultures, we know that working in the realm of intercultural cooperation, we, with our community can reach our higher goals and aims.
Through opening access to culture in innovative ways, through providing an expressive platform for young, local artistic, creative, and cultural talent, our aim is to develop the cultural institutions and approach of our region and community.
Tearce’s young people have an untapped, often unseen potential in their cultural skills and knowledge. With all this potential, Tearce can reach new cultural highs and present an ethnically diverse, culturally rich example for other communities in Macedonia. By promoting the skills, creativity, and passions of our youth through cultural and sport events, we can reduce negative behaviors and break down cultural barriers.

Our most successful projects in the field of culture include:

-          Beans day

-          Culture in rural areas

-          Dance theater

-          String arts project

-          Talent show

-          Photo exhibitions:

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