Promoting Inclusion through Extracurricular Activities

April 2024 – Trstenik, Serbia 

A new project called “Promoting Inclusion through Extracurricular Activities” is beginning to take root in schools across several European countries and the Western Balkans. This project, a collaboration between Şcoala Gimnazială “Valeriu D. Cotea” Vidra, the Center for Education and Development (CED), and Municipal Primary School “Bratsvo Migjeni” from Tetovo and other countries, aims to create more inclusive educational environments. 

The initiative was launched with a three-day workshop from April 16-18 in Trstenik, Serbia, supported by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program.

Participants from Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Turkey convened to explore effective ways to engage parents, local authorities, and community members in school activities. The primary objective is to ensure every student feels included and appreciated.

During the workshop, educators honed their skills to foster a warmer, more inclusive atmosphere at schools. They now have a new guide filled with successful strategies from various institutions, designed to help integrate the whole community into school life, including students, parents, and local leaders.

The project not only encourages discussions on enhancing inclusivity but also plans future activities to solidify this aim. Upcoming workshops are scheduled for next year in Macedonia and Turkey, promising ongoing dialogue and the sharing of best practices.

Through persistent efforts and cooperation, this project aspires to transform schools into places where diversity is embraced and celebrated, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to thrive.