When we volunteer, we help build a more connected community: by meeting new friends and sharing ideas and goals. 

At CED, volunteers have the opportunity to work together with great people, support a variety of organizations, and gain new skills and experiences – for life and in specific fields. 

Which activities you can implement while volunteering:

  • Develop CED’s institutional capabilities
  • Sports, ecological, and cultural activities
  • Work with children (workshops on various topics)
  • Gain photography and video editing skills
  • Organize exhibitions
  • Organize clubs and a platform for local youth

Volunteering has a lot of benefits such as:

  • Learning and developing skills
  • Transferring your skills to others
  • Enhancing your resumé
  • Gaining work experience
  • Building self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Building life-lasting friendships

For local volunteers

To volunteer with us, fill out this form.

For international volunteers

CED has partnered with several organizations to bring international volunteers to Macedonia:

  • France – ADICE since 2019. Find our profile here.
  • European Union – Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps since 2019. Find our profile here.
  • Germany – Friedenskreis Halle eV, German Weltwaerts – since 2011. Find our profile here. 
  • Turkey – SITODEDE (Sivil Toplum Destekleme Dernegi) and Kırklareli Provincial Directorate of National Education, Erasmus+ since January 2018
  • United States – Peace Corps since 2017