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Beans Day, 5th Edition

ballinaDitagroshe2014This event aims to raise awareness of the public about the value of the bean crop, and to achieve economic benefits by increasing its sales and production. Also aim is the promotion of distinctive hallmark of this region. 

Efforts to brand the famous varieties of beans - from Tetovo. Like every year, the event is organized by the NGO CED, but this year as the main supporters were SWG, through their development program Shara region and also provide support and Municipality of  Tearce.

The program was rich with a variety of activities in which visitors could enjoy and spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Tearce.

Began with performances of three cultural associations from Tearce who have performed traditional songs and dances from the Macedonian, Albanian and Turkish culture. In this 45 minute section, visitors of the event had the opportunity to enjoy mini concert of traditional songs and dances.foto4ditagroshes

This year, for the first time there was an exhibition of photos from last year's event.

Through the presentation of photos, show that CED event has a rich history and also to bring back memories of the guests who visited the event over the years.

As an important part of the entire event is the part with the preparation of meals by students. Students from five schools from Tearce, with the help of their teachers, prepared traditional dishes that were served and guests had the opportunity to try these delicious meals prepared by the youngest. For this, CED, as a token of gratitude, gave gifts to each school, set of glasses that will be useful and they will remember their presence at the Beans Day.

At the event were present group of students from Kavadartci, who had the opportunity to present their school, as well as, the city with its amenities and products that are peculiar to that region.

Through a network of SWG, its presentation had association of Breeders raspberries from Kosovo. They presented their products raspberries that are made, but also presented other products and dishes that are typical in the area where they come from.

The main part of the event is a tasting of beans that was prepared by the chef Mirko Gjorgevski. 25 kg cooked beans with pure beef. According to the chef the secret of beautiful beans is that beans should be boiled with the same water as that flight.

Despite the beans are roasted and prepared homemade halva prepared by Muharem Huseini, and in a special way, bake and Sharr chestnuts.

This year the event was attended by over 500 people from all over Macedonia and neighboring countries.

Every year the event grows and becoming richer with activities and more massive with guests.

CED will continue organizing the Beans Day and will continue to work on developing Sharra region through future events.